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Top 5 Songs [Video] To Get Romantic before Going on a Date

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach and a nervous state of mind are somethings both single men and women experience before going on a date and it is most common when they are going to meet someone for the very first time. Music is the best way to get relaxed and get positive vibes before leaving your house on a date night.

Here are top 5 must watch romantic videos

[For some you might not understand words]

Top 5 Songs [Video] To Get Romantic before Going on a Date

Top 5 Songs (Videos) To Get Romantic before Going on a Date

1. Why don’t you start off with Celine Dion’s sensual song that stormed and made an especial place not only in America but touched everyone’s heart worldwide. My Heart will Go On will set the right mood and give you that positive energy you are looking for. If you love Celine Dion you have another precious gift from her collection – The Power of Love.

2. Indian movies are famous for their on screen romance. Check out this Indian romantic song where Sharkrukh Khan and his co-star have just fallen in love at the first sight of each other Video1. You can’t ignore this as well, where these love birds want to stay together all of their life Video2.

3. They say old is gold and how can we miss the classic Heaven by Bryan Adams. This 1985’s original version was re-invented by DJ Sammy and Yanou but did they do justice to that? How can we forget this poor boy in Elton John’s classic Your Song.

4. This is why you love Taylor Swift – Her Love Story. This is perfect for those teens who just started dating and want to have a high dose of romantic vibes before they step out into the real cruel world.

5. Get painted in colors of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. You can’t call this a romantic song but, what is saying is there are no boundaries and that is how love should be.

If you still want an overdose of romance check out this collection. Don’t forget to take a shower, dress well and wear a smile leaving your house and yes make sure you have your wallet to avoid drama and end up loosing your chance for another date.

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Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Being a single mom, life is too tough and as the daily life become more demanding in the recent few years, it has become a challenge to manage kids, work and household needs. Single moms have to play the role of mother and father. However, one thing that is completely ignored is the emotional support from someone special which is needed. While taking walks the most exciting and yet challenging journey called life needs addressing.

Being a single mom in NYC can be difficult. NYC is the most populated city in the USA and inflation stats shows that there is no respite for NYC single moms.

Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating

Troubles for NYC Single Mom Dating

Here are obvious reasons why NYC single moms find dating a bit difficult than others

• Being most populated cities in the USA, these single moms have to ensure that they work hard and sometimes late in the office to ensure they draw a good salary. In the process they tend to ignore their personal life as their happiness is now directly related to their children’s progress and happiness.

• The sex ratio of NYC is also a bit uneven. There aren’t enough men for these single moms. NYC has about 53% of women who are singles and 47% of single men [Resource] [resource]. This makes men a hot commodity and makes the single moms think twice before getting serious about any relationship.

• Fear of un-acceptance of children is something that every single mom faces when she wants to introduce their dating partner to their children. Children tend to oppose this new binding as they feel that their love is now shared with a complete stranger. Few adapt quickly and some take time but, there are some who never accept this and can ruin the mom and child relationship.

• The problem is with men too – While reading the heated debate of top free dating site forum the attitude of men shows that they are not willing to take the responsibility of children but, some are prepared to. However, what was shocking to read is that they actually like single moms as their connections with children are healthy and they are often more mature than other women without children.

There are times when single moms have to make that extra step to fulfill the role of a father and can end up disappointing themselves. At times these can be very small issues which a father will do without even making the extra effort.

Tell us what you think why NYC single women have a tough dating life.

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Rape Cases Growing – More Dangerous than Global Warming

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

One of the biggest democratic nation India is feeling the heat not because of their summer but, because of rape case in their metros and small towns are on the rise. In the last 4 months, two cases in their capital city Delhi had made not just woman activists but also men who came down and showed their massive anger and demand for justice and sanctioning stronger laws. [Don’t forget there are plenty of cases in Delhi itself that did not get reported]

Rape Cases Growing – More Dangerous than Global Warming

Rape Cases Growing – More Dangerous than Global Warming

However, this problem is not only with India but with South Asian countries. It will be too mean to connect this with any nationality, race, and caste and not just counties on economic and development status. You can’t say this problem is only with developing or poor countries, if you still think so, here are the global rape stats sufficient to prove you wrong.

As we are becoming more modern and global, women demand respect and equal rights rather than something that should have already. Social pundits and activists around the world see different root causes for this. In South Asian countries these pundits are blaming easy access to porn via internet and girls have started to wear short skirts and shirts which are not their traditional outfit which also arouses men and give Fatawa’s ( a religious ban) for girls.

If we analyze the stats it reveals the shocking stats that in 90% of rape cases the accused is someone the victim knows. This report on CNN shows that 1 out of 3 sexual abuse cases are registered in the USA are against their own partners. When we talk about the rape these stats include both cases of men and women but, in counties like India male rape cases hardly gets reported at all. In the TV show Satyamev Jayate (truth wins out) done by Celebrity Aamir Khan. In men these kinds of cases are happening at a very less age sometimes as less as 5 years and in India they found that 53% children from a sample of 5000 said they were sexually abused and most of the time by a known person from a family.

In America also we have a high percentage of child sexual abuse and if we go by stats it is 10% of children report such issues. How about those who don’t even know what is sexual abuse? These stats are more than revealing for those who say that girls wearing short cloths arouse men.

This problem has become more of global and even bigger than global warming itself. To take care of global warming, you have a common forum of countries that talk about this and try to find solutions to climate change but problem as big as this should also need special care and if not what kind of society do we will leave for our children.

Don’t forget to comment on this article and tell us what you think of this issue and could be the cause of the increasing numbers of rape and sexual abuse cases that we see today.

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Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Going on a romantic candle lit dinner, watching a romantic movie on the couch or doing a social activity is an aging sign of your creativity and gets boring if you keep doing it every now and then.

Here are top 6 bio-green dating ideas that should excite you

1. A romantic walk – Often couples talk about a long drive in the full moon night and find it romantic but how about a greener option, to have a walk with no mechanical engine emitting carbon dioxide spoiling the environments. Watching twinkling stars and sharing those romantic moments, you probably won’t get that in urban life.

Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

2. Planting a Tree – This is cool bio green date idea if you are a nature lover. Plant a tree and see this growing like the love, trust and faith in your relationship. You can also compare this with watching your kids grow up.

3. Community Service – Caring about nature for only one day is not going to help you a great deal. Get active in community services with your love and take part in the National Civic Education Program and get active with students and teachers.

4. Live Rural life – Life is too busy in the cities and even if you have all the facilities to make your life easier, it could be making it too complex and dependent. Plan a day in county in lush green meadow and clean air. Don’t forget the wine testing if you have that near your vicinity.

More SEXY but, Green Dating Ideas

5. Take a bath Together – Save water to save earth, bath together to save water. There are couples who don’t like this but; it can be fun when you think of this as a cause of saving water. There are many slippery moments you need to watch out for same and eco-friendly bath. If your bathtub is as big as this, taking a bubble bath is fun.

6. Turn off the lights - Turn off the lights and celebrate your earth hour even on the odd day. However, don’t forget to buy eco-friendly sex toys and lubricants from this website. Check out a few more tips on how to get green in bed.

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India Today’s Sex Survey 2013 - Top 12 Facts

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Updated: 28th September, 2015

The recent sex survey by India Today reveals some very intriguing lifestyle choices of couples in this sizzling hot topic. India is considered as a conservative country when it comes to open discussions on physical intimacy and parents also feel shy to talk about this with their kids.

However, India has been never like this where the famous book on Kama Sutra was written by “Vātsyāyana” an Indian philosopher between 400 BCE to 200 CE. Professors and students of Indian history say that India became like this during the reign of the Mughal dynasty and has been conservative ever since. [resource]

India Today’s Sex Survey 2013 - Top 12 Facts

India Today’s Sex Survey 2013 - Top 12 Facts

With globalization and the speedy growth of the internet, the landscape is changing. The results show that small town men and women are keeping in pace with men and women in metro cities and at times are more open when it comes to more complex sex related topics.

**Get the latest trends for 2015 in our latest article here.

Here are top 12 snippets from a recent sex survey that was sizzling hot with the Indian audience this summer:

1. 35% of men were having sex before their marriage compared to 30% men in small town. Indian men are too obsessed with the notion of female virginity of wife as 70% men from small town looking for a virgin wife compared to 65% men from metros.

2. When it comes to extramarital relationships and sex outside marriages men from small towns and the metro are apart by just 5% whereas 13% men from small towns and 18% men from metro have had such relationships. Sex is also used as a career ladder with a shocking 52% men/women compared to 33% men / women who didn’t mind using it as a shortcut to professional success.

3. The survey also reveals how stress and other commitments was squeezing sex out of urban India as 48% said that sex was not important in their lives after a few years of marriage compared to 32% think it was necessary and 18% did not have an answer. Small town men and women seem to be enjoying sex even after few years of their marriages as 48% said that they are still loving it compared to 32% who said it didn’t matter to them that much and with remaining 20% having no answer.

4. When it comes to watching porn 49% small town women enjoy this compared to 34% female in metros. A big difference of 15%, it clearly shows that women in metros are not aroused by porn since they may be having more productive relationships outside of marriage.

5. Small town men and women enjoy more active sexual life than metro men and women as 42% have sex 2-3 times a week compared to 33% of men and women. Could this be attributed to a busy life style?

6. Sex before marriage for men in India was never taboo as it confirms for women and the survey shows this as 57% men from the metro and 49% small town men confirm that their first sexual partner was other than their wife. However, the survey failed to focus about their age and when they first had their sexual encounter.

7. Bigger is better is what Indian men also believe and an average 60 male weekly visits to the sexologists to get consultation on this and usually from a small town. Indian women are also getting liberated and asking for lubricants from medical shops. Small town men and women show a higher percentage of orgasm whilst having sex.

8. Stats show that 40% men and women from both small town and metro cities will forgive their partners for having an extramarital affair. 58% men and women say they would disconnect sex from emotions.

9. The survey strengthens the believe that men in India hook up to more porn sites than female as 82% men say they watch porn compared to 33% of women. The equation is the same for males from small towns and from metro cities.

10. When it comes to getting the lead in bed and being an active partner, Indian woman trail behind men by 53% and women prefer that men stay on top position as only 8% female prefer women on top position. This number is dropping as 28% women said that they love the ‘women on top’ in another sex survey of 2007.

11. Talking about sex to their children and giving sex education is till taboo in India as 86% parents said that they do not talk about this with their children. Even after the Indian government has legalized live-in relationship 62% are still not in favor of this.

12. The sex survey shows that Indians are happy with their sex life as 85% said that they are satisfied with their life compared to 6% who are unhappy. However, 32% said that they don’t mind cheating if their partner will never come to know about it.

The survey suggests that small town men and women enjoy a better sex life compared to men and women in metro cities. This survey was conducted by India Today with a group of 2563 men and women from various cities in and around. The sample of men and women who were asked questions appears less when it comes to the whole population of the country of almost 1.2 billion people. Watch out for this space for more bedroom facts of married men and women in India.

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