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Review of Free Online Dating Sites, - Part 5

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Look and feel of the site is very lack luster as compared to other free dating sites where it is usually painted with bold colors. Registration is a single step process but missing the social networking touch like most of free online dating sites are coming up with such as Jumpdates which enhances user experience.

Sites does not have a good privacy feature and opens the flood gates for potential spammers and scammers. Sites also scores less as you can only attach 2 photos to your free dating profile, and again the social media connection is missing and you have to upload photos from you computer only.

Website works on match system depending upon your dating profile and details you provided including your preferred location for match. This does not work well as during the review we get off different kind of search on free online dating sites

Site has a poor member base with a less active user and even less active site management as can be witnessed with no dating articles posted for the past 2 years. If you looking for free dating sites with a touch of freshness than Jumpdates should be ideal place to go.

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