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Online Dating Singles Downfall – The Inside Scoop

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Online dating has become an integral part of singles scouring the internet these days. These singles keep looking for the best online matches to succeed in their dating quest and they keep hovering from one free dating sites to another. Although there is nothing wrong in doing this, the real problem starts when even after trying several dating sites they are still single and they pin the blame on dating sites for not making it happen. Well in rare cases this maybe true, but after screening thousand of profiles and spotting messaging trends Mayur Vyas, Content Manager of found that majority of online singles do not fill 20% of their information in their online dating profile. It’s like trying to make a jet fly without any jet fuel. An impossible task!

Online Dating Singles Downfall – The Inside Scoop

Online Dating Singles Downfall – The Inside Scoop

Take a step back and think about relationships between a man and a woman. It’s impossible for a relationship to succeed if both of the people within the relationship do not try to understand each other and work things out. It is an ever unfolding relationship between two persons that bonds them together. In the same token, the lack of information that one presents oneself on their dating profile, will lead to people skipping over the profile no matter how attractive you may look.

There are common errors that online singles make from the word go that results in the downfall of their important dating mission.

1. Not filling the complete information while creating the online dating profile

This is the most common mistake made by online singles. You need to make sure that your online dating profile speaks for you. Profiles with limited or incomplete information send a negative message about yourself, either you do not have any thing to say or you do not want to disclose information that may speak badly about yourself. Why would someone be interested in a profile which just have the basic info of age and photo?

Read the Dr. Dato’s – Making a Comprehensive Dating Profile

2. When online singles become broadcasters

Yes, it’s true. It has been observed that singles tend to send a series of similar messages to almost every profile they like. According to them it saves them time and they can reach many online singles. But, unfortunately they don’t understand that every profile is different from one another and sending customized messages could earn more replies in the long run.

3. Don’t be a spammer

Messages like
“Hello, I am James Joe am 57 years old hope you don’t mind my age is just a number i have one friend, his name is Fred he just get me through this online dating right now i am here looking for a long term relationship that can lead to marriage and i will have the woman as my soul mate then i read your profile and i am interested in it”.

This may sound fine but if you analyze the world “Hello” at the beginning, it can raise questions like is it only me that he is referring to? As this appears to be a generalized message and makes other users feel that they could be one of many the gent has sent the message to. It makes you feel less important in the eyes of the messenger.

4. Don’t Wait, Make your Own Success Story

Waiting for other online singles to find you and send you the introduction message is never going to work if every think like this. It could be a never ending wait. If you are serious then you should give enough time to your online profile every week for finding the best match for you and sending messages according to their profiles. Sending personalize messages increases your chances of getting replies more often. A good tip is say to yourself that you will go through 10 online dating profiles each day or a week and send out 20 messages averaging 2 to each profile. Remember that bigger things can happen by taking smaller steps.


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Shakespeare Got it Wrong…It is in the Online Dating Profile Names

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Males and females analyze online dating profiles in different ways according to recent research done by Males look at profile pictures of female dating profiles whereas females give importance to profile details. Not so surprising when you think about it. One thing that catches everyone’s attention is online dating profile name and that is why you need to choose it with some thought behind it. Here are few simple and effective tips of creating online dating profile name.



1. Go Very Slow

Your intent to join any free dating sites is to meet someone special, find a dating partner and falling in love. You should give yourself a good amount of time before settling on your online profile name. You should not choose dating headlines like “Happy Go Lucky”, “Never A Dull Moment” or “I am Easy Going” as these do not impress many people. On the other hand names like “Dating Casanova” or “Perfect Date” would show that you are too obsessed with yourself in the whole world of dating.

2. Do some Head Banging

Get a pen and paper in hand and write qualities you have, also take note of what your friends and peers think of you. Doing this exercise would be very useful as it can give you unique and creative ideas. Keep in mind that your online dating profile name should depict your special traits and attract more online singles to visit your profile.

3. Shake Well Before You Finalize

Now you have everything on paper start thinking about the right mix and match of different names to pull something together, you maybe surprised. Joining different words would be a fun experience to creating the best online dating profile name.

4. Things to Avoid

There are few things that you should avoid while creating your online dating profiles. Do not use your date of birth or year in which you born like many online single do for e.g. “Mike24” or “Adam1982”. This shows that you were in hurry while creating your online dating profile or did not think better for yourself. Do not use pick up lines like “Yes, I’m single, thanks for Looking” this show you just did a quick Google to search your online dating profile name.

Online dating profile name is not the only important aspect of your online dating profile, but certainly the one that is in need of a lot of attention. The next hurdle is to create the perfect online dating profile and attract potential online dating singles.

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Hidden Treasures of Long Lasting Relationship for Singles…It’s in their Blood

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Large numbers of singles and couples from the Unites States take help of dating coaches to revitalize their dating life or to find out their compatibility. There are other methods that also reveal the truth of compatibility and lasting relationships like Astrological match, but now scientists have broken the code of long lasting relationships….well it’s in your blood, literally.



Yes it’s true, now you can find all the answers that you want to know about your relationship like whether this relationship is going to work? Or how deeply your partner loves you? A simple blood test can answer these questions for you. Scientific research has found that singles recently in a romantic relationship have shown higher levels of oxytocin in there blood sample. Tests were conducted on 160 young singles who recently started dating out and out of 36 were still dating after 6 month. Looking back at their records shows that their oxytocin level was high which backs the claim.

But can all the relationship be predicated by a simple blood test? Certainly not! There can be a strong chance of being attracted to someone with a sex drive which increases oxytocin level and won’t be considered as real love. Human relationships are more complex and depend on different factors and vary from human to human. Members of the research team said that these findings suggest that lovers were completely into each other and satisfied by mating and that raises the oxytocin level, but you cannot predict everything. We should not make our relationship so clinical that we have to resort to blood match and forget about the romance. We should rely on our human instincts and emotions and leave the blood test for diagnoses that are physical, not emotional.

Free dating sites expert Mayur Vyas, at Jumpdates has a different view on this. He says that when you meet someone new or fall in love you are excited and your oxytocin level goes up, but if you have been married to someone for 20 odd years you won’t feel the same excitement but you are still in love. In fact you love more than when you started. Love is like old wine it becomes more satisfying and refreshing with time.

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Celebrity Singles Kim Kardashian and Reggi Bush Spotted Together… Astro Match Making Backs Them

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Kim Kardashian is again in the news after she ended her 10 week old commitment with Kris Humphries, which was an expensive affair for the media as it cost them millions of dollars to publish in the news. Kim Kardashian was spotted with her ex-boyfriend Reggi Bush one day before Valentine’s Day having an expensive dinner together reported by TMZ.

Reggi Bush, yes you got it right he is the ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian. They ended their two year old dating saga in 2009 putting a full stop to all their rumors about their commitment. But now what are they are doing together? TMZ has asked about Reggi Bush to Kim on this hot topic and got a response “Hell No!”. “I don’t want another footballer in my life”, says Kim.
Both Reggi Bush and Kris Humphries were 1980’s born and five years younger than Kim Kardashian and that as why they don’t want to start this all over again.



At Jumpdates we did their match-making by using ancient Chinese astrology and here are a few facts about this..

Name: Kim Kardashian Name: Reggi Bush
D.O.B: October 21, 1980 D.O.B: March 12, 1985
Sun sign: Libra Sun sign: Pieces

Chinese Match Making Score: 8
Indian Numerology Match making Score: 89.9% (Courtesy

These Astro match making results show that they have all the possibilities to make a great couple. But it is up to the individuals what they think about their relationship, there could also be the factor of age as Kim wants an older guy who can shoulder more responsibility and Reggi ideally wants a younger babe.

Time will tell how this couple will do in their relationship but with the spotlight of the media and their not so private relationship it is going to be a challenge for them both.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt…Find Perfect Match in Their Life

Friday, February 17th, 2012

The hottest couple right now in Hollywood Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoys their love life and parenthood. Just like the variety found in a wardrobe couples also have different properties not only in United States but also in other countries around the world such as England, Italy and France. Need to call them to get the accurate stats, just kidding.

In Vegas - angelina-and-brad-with-their-six-children

In Vegas - angelina-and-brad-with-their-six-children

Both of them are the successful Hollywood stars and don’t require any introduction even in many parts of the world, it’s just that their name is enough as they carry the charisma wherever they go, Angelina Jolie. They met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith this was time when Brad Pitt was in the headline news for ending his 5 year old commitment with Jennifer Aniston. Soon after the divorce with Jennifer Aniston in April 2005 the love of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was very much a public affair and was spotted enjoying their Vacation at the beach in Kenya. This was not the only relationship that failed for Brad Pitt as he dated his co-star in the movie Seven for three years. Angeline Jolie was also in search of her true love before this and she too has a history of failing relationships. She was involved in a serious relationship with her boyfriend of two years and when they brokeup it ignited her passion again for her acting career. Jolie was involved with her co-actors as this would lead to romance, but she got married to actor Billy Bob Thornton on 5th May 2000. But three years down the line they found that they were not made for each other and their divorce took place on May 2003.

After facing some storms in her previous commitment the couple has decided to live together to see whether their relationship is going to work? Their early days were difficult as Angelina was blamed of being a catalyst between Brad and Jennifer which led to the divorce between Brad and Jenifer. This allegation was condemned by Brad and Jolie. Jolie said that she can not do such thing and could not see herself in the morning. Probably as her mother was cheated by her father when she was only one years old.

It seems to be that early parenting was the key for lasting relationships, which is certainly now in their love life. When they started living together they were already a parent for Maddox. Angelina adopted Maddox from Cambodia, while shooting for “Tomb Raider” and when she committed to Billy Bob Thronton, they adopted a daughter Zahara from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But going for their biological child gave a lot to talk about in their relationship and was visible with freaky articles putting question marks on their relationship. To shut all these media hype Jolie gave birth to a daughter Shiloh Nouvel. In 2007 they adopted a son Pax and soon Jolie gave good news at Cannes festival that she is expecting twins.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sets the perfect example of couples around the world that it’s not only the commitment that keeps you together but it’s the love that works as cohesion. Both Angelina and Brad were unfortunate in their early relationship, but now with seven years of long relationship it’s like they finally found the “Love of their life”. The big question is when they are going to marry? Well this also seems to be on the cards as many celebrity websites published that they are going to marry this summer in France.

Source: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Planning Wedding in France

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