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Gifting Ideas for All

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Gifts speak louder than words. What you gift easily conveys what you feel or desire. Depending on the stage of relationship the right gift should be given to convey the right emotions. Flowers and jewelry gifting were the norm, now coffee mugs, tees, pens, gadgets, dedicating songs have taken over as gift ideas.

Love has also been commercialized with many gifts available in the market for different stages of relationship. True love gets a special gift that would make them feel wonderful and wanted thereby taking the relationship a stage higher.

Gifting Ideas for All

Gifting Ideas for All

A three month dating is usually referred to as casual dating. This may involve or not involve a physical relationship. Here each person tries to understand the date with a prospective long term future alliance or relationship.

If it’s the first date then the stuff to gift is very different from what you will give your long term date.

If you are friends with benefit, then there is no need to gift as both are just interested in a casual sex relationship with no commitment.

Gifts for first date:

Each person is excited and tensed about the first date. The best way to break the ice is to give a small gift to your date. Simple gifts like a single yellow flower will convey friendship while a white flower will convey purity, a well decorated cup cake, box of candy, a little stuffed toy as you can check before hand if he/she likes stuff toys or not or a bottle of wine.

Gifts in a casual relationship:

If you have been dating for almost three months then it is time to exchange gifts for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas or holiday season. These are just excuses to convey to the person that you care and interested in taking the relationship to the next stage.

Pay attention to your conversation to know the date’s interest in music, sports, wine, food or games. A true sports fan would love the team jersey or the latest music CD of the favorite performer. CD, DVD or magazine subscription is also a good gift for casual dating as it is effective but not very expensive.

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Vacation dating in UK summer 2013 - part 2

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Vacation dating in UK summer 2013 - part 1

Take a sunset ‘flight’ to get the sensational view of the city and nothing can get more romantic than this. If you want to splurge book a private capsule or a champagne flight, don’t miss out on the Duck Tour where your bus will drive into the Thames. Even if you have done it earlier, do it again and feel the thrill of the experience.

Scotland is a country in the UK blessed with bountiful nature. The beautiful landscapes, the wild life, coastline and the green forests add romance to the relationship by simply breathing that air there. If you both enjoy history, then this is the place to visit which is a witness to battles where the castles stand the testimony of time. Travel by road, rail or train from London and enjoy the weekend date.

Ireland is not only Bailey’s Irish Crème but a luscious city to enjoy the sun and the sea. Go cycling, biking, hiking, horse-writing or surfing or simply pamper yourself with a spa date. Enjoy the art, culture and heritage together or cook and eat all the food at food festivals. Follow the food trail or enroll together at the cookery school. It is so rightly said that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Treat yourself to nice meals and add romance to your relationship.
Eating in UK is not a problem at all whether you follow a Vegan or a vegetarian (no meat) diet. UK has residents from across the world so finding the food to suit your palate is the simplest task here.

Apply for UK visa here
Check the weather on

What to take with you:

Be well protected wearing layers. Carry a backpack along so if you need to remove a few layers of clothing, you can easily stuff it in the bag and forget about it. Carry an umbrella as we all know that UK can have all the four seasons packed in a day! It is always advisable to wear comfortable footwear to enjoy the stroll, the bus ride or the various indoor activities.

Everyone loves dating no matter whether you are married or single. Be it enjoying drinks at the most happening bar, a romantic candle-lit dinner, adventure activities or just a stroll through the fabulous parks in UK. Enjoy hassle free dating to make the occasion most special.

Spring is the best time of the year to visit the UK. Choose from the activities that interest both of you and plan well in advance to get the best deals for flights and accommodation. Spend time together in this lovely land blessed with heritage and natural beauty. Sweep your partner of her feet and ride the wave of romance on a dating vacation in UK. You never know when your date will transcend into your soul mate.

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Vacation dating in UK summer 2013

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Why wait for Valentine’s Day when you can enjoy an exciting dating vacation in UK this 2013 summer. A spring date will make your love bloom in the parks and gardens of UK. London turns out to be the most exciting destination where love and romance evolve into a much deeper relationship.

UK is a wonderful nation loaded with scenic beauty. Whether you enjoy the mountains or the plains, it is the destination this spring to be with your loved one. London is the best city to arrive at. Well connected by flights from all over the world, London’s Heathrow airport is the third busiest airport in the world (as of 2012) handling over 69 million passengers annually.

Vacation dating in UK summer 2013

Vacation dating in UK summer 2013

Visit London in April/May/June:

Enjoy the thrill of participating together in the Virgin London Marathon where you can walk, run or simply cheer from the sidelines. Feel the electricity in the air where over thirty thousand people participate in the 26.2 mile race for fun, charity or personal achievement.

Rent a bike on hourly basis to enjoy this city or enjoy horse riding through the beautiful trails. See the daffodils that inspired William Wordsworth to pen down a poem ‘Daffodils’.

The Chelsea flower show is an innovative flower show that displays vast, colorful flowers that keep you spell bound. Don’t forget to hold each others hand as the sight is simply breath-taking.

Enjoy musicals and comedy at the amphitheater of the Royal Park or the Sikh New Year that is celebrated as Baisakhi on the square which is a sheer riot of colors and most energetic folk dance from India along with the craft and authentic Indian food.

The beer gardens are beautifully landscaped for you to enjoy your drinks right in the heart of the city after your London Walking tour or the boat trip on Thames.

June is the time when the Queen celebrates her birthday in great style. Witness the pomp show exhibited by officers, horsemen and musicians who parade along The Mall saluting the Queen. London becomes a Tennis city with the Wimbledon championship being held. It is memorable to go to a sporting date at the Centre Court and watch the spectacular crowd and the players.

Love is incomplete without good food. Enjoy the culinary delights at the Taste of London festival at Regent’s Park. Fantasy has no bound nor happiness. Take a tour of the Buckingham Palace when the Queen is away on her summer holidays. Experience the sheer grandeur of the State Rooms but don’t expect him to build that for you.

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7 signs of aging commitment in women - Part 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

7 signs of aging commitment in women - Part 1

4. Outfit: in spite of her communicating to you that she is not interested in you and you choose to be fooling yourself that it must be her bad mood and hormones, here is another not to miss sign. Observe the way she dresses. When she knows you will be around, she will make sure she wears what you dislike and that too every time! Get the hint guys, she is trying to drive you away wearing the color you told her you hate

5. Ignore: she will ignore you no matter how hard you try to grab her attention. Your jokes will not even get a smile on her face and she will intentionally speak to somebody else when you are talking. Maintain your dignity guys and don’t wait for her to insult you by laughing or talking with this guy you always hated

6. Kept as an option: she does not readily communicate with you but keeps you as a stand by option. She may not have time for you but when she needs some help then she turns to you with all her charm.

7. Sleep: she sleeps around with other people too while sleeping with you too. She will tell you that she loves you but is not in love with you that shows only her sexual interest in you.

Open your eyes guys to save yourself the torture of indignation. Learn to read these tell-tale signs that clearly convey aging in her commitment towards you.

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7 signs of aging commitment in women

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Being in love and falling out of it is very common these days. Any relationship is a two way street to build a stronger and loving bond. A breakup may be the result of many causes. Women will usually not be rude or blunt to announce the end of a relationship as they don’t intend to hurt their partner. Guys are wired to understand only the spoken word which makes it difficult for them to understand the subtle signs or hints that are expressed by the woman as a sign of aging commitment. Guys read between the lines and spare yourself the hurt of not only the heart-break but the realization that you could be so stupid as to not understand the signs. Here are top seven signs that each man must know to keep his dignity in a sinking relationship.

7 signs of aging commitment in women

7 signs of aging commitment in women

1. Let us just be friends: is the clearest way in which a woman can tell a man that she is not interested in him. Her disinterest in him maybe due to any reason, his boasting, possessiveness or sheer boredom with the companion. Maybe at some stage in the relationship there was a spark that could have evolved into love and a long term relationship. When she starts avoiding talking anything that is intimate and insists that you both should just be friends, guys back off immediately.

2. Does not reply: she does not reply to your text messages like she did instantly. If at all she replies it’s after days that too with an apology that was busy with some work or the other. Men, you must understand that you are no more her priority and she is not interested in you. There will be no comments on your FB posts either or any reply to your email. In all probability she blocked you and you will never know this fact.

3. Meet at a social gathering: she will avoid meeting you in private anyways. If you both do happen to be at the same social event, she will make sure she is with some other guy to mellow down the impact of your confrontation

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To be continue….

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