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7 signs of aging commitment in women - Part 2

7 signs of aging commitment in women - Part 1

4. Outfit: in spite of her communicating to you that she is not interested in you and you choose to be fooling yourself that it must be her bad mood and hormones, here is another not to miss sign. Observe the way she dresses. When she knows you will be around, she will make sure she wears what you dislike and that too every time! Get the hint guys, she is trying to drive you away wearing the color you told her you hate

5. Ignore: she will ignore you no matter how hard you try to grab her attention. Your jokes will not even get a smile on her face and she will intentionally speak to somebody else when you are talking. Maintain your dignity guys and don’t wait for her to insult you by laughing or talking with this guy you always hated

6. Kept as an option: she does not readily communicate with you but keeps you as a stand by option. She may not have time for you but when she needs some help then she turns to you with all her charm.

7. Sleep: she sleeps around with other people too while sleeping with you too. She will tell you that she loves you but is not in love with you that shows only her sexual interest in you.

Open your eyes guys to save yourself the torture of indignation. Learn to read these tell-tale signs that clearly convey aging in her commitment towards you.

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  1. Toni_aDs8 says:

    I could spend hour debating this with anyone that would….if I had the time.

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