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Action, Drama and Sci-Fiction Everything in Real Steel

Movie: Real Steel
Year: 2011
Director: Shawn Levy
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo

Snapshot of Story:
The story is set in the near future when traditional boxing is replaced by man-operated robots and centers around several characters including Hugh Jackman who plays Charlie Kenton who has a losing streak in making his mark in the robot boxing sport. The other two characters are Max Kenton who is Charlie’s enstranged son and his business partner and lover Bailey Tallet played by Evangeline Lilly.

Theme of Story:
Both Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo are simply excellent in their roles as father and son where much conflict arises at the start as they get to know more of each other more. Evangeline Lilly plays Bailey as Charlie Kentons confidant and lover but finds it hard to tame Charlie. Charlie is at first doubtful of his son’s (Max) ability in anything let alone to handle robotic fights but when both come across an old sparring robot in the salvage yard their lives take a turn. Through ensuing fights all the way to the big league the relationship between father and son is clearly developed. Charlie’s feelings for Max grows deeper and both form a strong bond.

Happy Ending:

Charlie and Max ultimately find their relationship tested towards the end when Charlie has to hand off Max to his foster parents. However, Charlie makes a sudden turn and goes back to reclai Max for the last ultimate fight much to Max’s delight.

The movie is a delight to watch and will have a wider appeal as it touches on a sensitive topic of father and son and has many action scenes in the process. The final touch is deft but not entirely believable since I would have expected Max to have taken his own robot with him to his foster parents. Max plays the 11 year old son with great ease and poise and there are moments where his gestures and mannerisms are close to an adult that are very entertaining to watch. Look out in the future for this new kid on the Hollywood block!


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