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Are you a left-sided or right-sided brain or both?

We tend to generalize and say that men are more left-sided brain and women are more right-sided brain. With left-sided brain being analytical, logical in it’s thinking while the right-sided brain is more creative, intuitive and expressive. However, recent studies in the field of psychology have shown that the brain is not so strictly divided as was previously assumed and that both are needed for the proper functioning of human beings be it male or female. You can learn more about this from the excellent article below..

I am actually very pleased to learn this actual piece of fact since it explains the phenomenal increase in my passion for the arts and other creative arts/science. As I have over the course of my career stayed true to my interests in science and technology, my interests in arts has always been there since I was a child. At one time, my arts teacher was very dismayed and talked to my parents about taking art courses for further studies. Naturally this was not to be and I set a path of high-tech and science which I must say was not a regrettable decision because I had tremendous interest in these areas. Recently, I have been bursting with creative interest in arts, psychology, cosmology, evolution and anything else that have tickled great minds over the centuries. But let’s not get too distracted from the main subject.

From my experience, I can safely say that there is no such thing as being too left-sided brain or too right-sided brain. It’s really a matter of the individual in which direction they want to go. I am a firm believer that no person is limited by it’s capacity to do anything it sets out to do. In other words, if you firmly believe in something and passionate about it, you can achieve your goals and desires. I am beginning to sound like a ‘be-positive’ guru but the sentence is fully loaded with true definition and meaning. I would encourage you to repeat the words again and then translate this to high-achievers you have met in your life. You will see that there is a direct correlation between the two.

I am the first to dismiss the person who brought out the notion of the left and right sided brain. This idea just caught on with the masses but the damage has been done. It has pigeon-holed people into distinct genders and placed arbitrary qualities that are distinct of the genders and from an early age biased people’s thinking that they meet some criteria. How sad, perhaps, if that wasn’t the case we would have a fusion of gender interaction like we have never witnessed before. For example, men being more expressive, doing housework, needlework etc and women fixing things around the house, holding high-powered positions etc. But then again we need to be sensitive to each others needs ie. men are physically stronger than women, they may not like chatting so much and interacting with people so much as some women do. The point I am trying to make is that there should not be any ‘differentiation’ of gender interests from an early age, we should encourage our children to be interested in anything that interests them as long as it does not endanger them.

I would love some feedback on this topic.

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