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The Perfect Ace…Happily Married Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Two champions of their times, Steffi started her professional career early at the age of only five (in 1982) whereas Andre Agassi became pro in 1986. Both tasted success and fame and became stars in both on and off court of tennis.

The Perfect Ace… Happily Married Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

The Perfect Ace… Happily Married Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

They first met in 1999 started dating as this was the time when Andre Agassi ended his two-year old relationship with celebrity Brooke Shields. Ace tennis star Steffi Graf was also single quitting her long term relationship with Germen Formula One driver Michael Bartels. This was the same year when both won their singles Wimbledon title on the famed center court and fate would deal a hand. With love in the air they moved to a new house in Las Vegas. Their love was clearly visible every time they come out to the courts and Steffi was in her last Wimbledon in June 1999. The golden ring is her finger signifying every chapter in their romance.

On October 22, 2001 they tied the knot with only their mothers watching as they exchanged wedding vows with a kiss. Agaasi’s father quoted “There is no hard feeling amongst the uninvited”, “When I got married, he didn’t know about it”. “We are blessed to be starting this new chapter in our life” said the newlywed couple, expecting their first baby. Jarden Gil was born just four days later after their wedding and their daughter Jaz Elle was born in October 2003.

Early parenthood in their married life played the vital role in make their relationship a success as even after 10 years of married life they are still going strong. The duo takes every precaution not to reveal any secrets from their personal life which is very much noticeable in his autobiography “Open”. Andre Agaasi did not talk much about his personal like or share it for that matter. He was just as cool on-court as he was off-court.

Both of them are enjoying their lives in Las Vegas and setting a perfect example for other celebrity couples in Hollywood where the divorce rate is frustratingly high. Jumpdates wishes them a happy life ahead and keep scoring ace’s in their committed relationship to each other as they have shown throughout their professional career.


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Of Sweethearts and Arts : Love Tested and Passed

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

One of the lesser known pair Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera could be well placed as a case study of true love. It is said if love and hatred complements each other then it will create true love as a final outcome. Such an outcome did apply to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
Both were artists, and had a style of art which was as different as their personality, the Mexican pair were painters of unique sense and sensibilities that revolutionized the world of art.

Of Sweethearts and Arts : Love Tested and Passed  -1

Of Sweethearts and Arts : Love Tested and Passed -1

Diego Rivera was born in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, in a well-to-do family. His paternal side had roots from the Spanish noble lineage. Since the age of ten, Rivera studied art at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City.

Later on he went to Europe and since his early days in Europe from 1907 he spent studying with Eduardo Chicharro in Madrid, Spain, and he soon proceeded to Paris, France. His had a life which revolved around art and artistic places for which France was well known across the world so for a while he made Paris his home away from home and his circle of friends included artists from Montparnasse, like Amedeo Modigliani who painted his portrait in 1914. He was close to people like Ilya Ehrenburg, Chaim Soutine, Max Jacob, gallery owner Leopold Zborowski, and Moise Kisling, are all on canvas by Marie Vorobieff-Stebelska called “Homage to Friends from Montparnasse”.

After traveling across Europe studying art and culture Rivera finally returned to Mexico in 1921 and took interest in the government sponsored Mexican mural program planned by Vasconcelos. Which after a year paved the way for pioneering the Revolutionary Union of Technical Workers, Painters and Sculptors, and later that year itself he joined the Mexican Communist Party? Rivera was invited to create murals and frescos for many prestigious organizations within and outside Mexico and other places of international reputation making him an art icon of sorts.

The above distinction earned Rivera a unique place in the history of art and culture which drew a certain amount of liking in Kahlo as she too was present at times in the many opening ceremonies of his creative contributions that was showcased in many place of national importance

During the youthful age of 15, Kahlo met Rivera for the first time at the National Preparatory School as she was a student in that school and Rivera was a teacher there. Not mindful of their age difference and the fact that Rivera was a married man did not hold Kahlo from falling in love with her teacher Rivera and soon she made up her mind that a day will come when she would become his beloved and bear him a child. Although her longing to be with Rivera was just a fantasy at the time, still she would play hard to win his attention and kindle his wife’s jealousy by being a prankster and playing witty.

Of Sweethearts and Arts : Love Tested and Passed 2

Of Sweethearts and Arts : Love Tested and Passed 2

Eventually the couple which had an uneven age gap had to part but again destiny would bring them together once gain. By 1928 Frida and Diego again were on a path of chance meeting and, this time it was due to the photographer and revolutionary, Tina Modotti. At that time when Modotti made the two artists reintroduce, it revived the dormant desire in Khalo to be with her beloved Rivera as it now had a better chance since Rivera was no longer married to Lupe. At once, Kahlo and Rivera sensed that they had much in common; pertaining to their work of art and the couple also found that they had a similar thinking about the social reality of their time. At last the couple married on August 21, 1929 when he was 42 and she was 22.

While rivera was an art icon but Kahlo was just known as Rivera’s charming wife and when the couple moved to America in 1930 Kahlo did not get the recognition that was due and was yet to be held in high regards for her artistic merit the way her husband was respected. So this created a deficiency in the relationship between the couple. But all that changed in 1932, when Kahlo experienced a devastating miscarriage. During the process of her recovery, Kahlo, made the fullest use of her extraordinary skill of giving a personal touch and created an a canvass self-portrait titled ‘Miscarriage in Detroit’. This was to be the first of several touching, astounding and, intellectual self-portraits that would propel Kahlo to dizzy heights in the world of art. From then on it was no-stop and she made good progress and was one of the best reknowned in the world of paintings.

It was after a good amount of talks and emotional discussion that the couple decided to return to Mexico in 1935, but again there were internal issues which got bigger by the day and soon it became the biggest problem. Once after arriving in Mexico, Rivera had an affair with Kahlo’s younger sister Christina, and this sliced Kahlo into pieces and every piece of her was subjected to the breach of trust by her husband and sister. Although the couple finally reconciled, Rivera’s affair had created a hate love relationship which also led to a disturbed pattern in their relationship causing both partners to later succumb to infidelity and betrayal.

In 1940 the couple got divorced and since then both had several affairs but in 1950, Kahlo’s health was giving up and it was not so promising to the point that Khalo kept on falling sick frequently and so the pair thought to reason their agony and suffering by reuniting and getting remarried. But call it bad fate or prolonged sickness which caused the sad demise of Frida, in 1954 and Rivera who was by her side.

The love affair of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera was one of true love and forgiveness making a love saga to be remembered by generations to come and was reflective of the couple’s untiring pursuit for artistic excellence and love.

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Sportive in Love : Mr & Mrs M2

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

If you are a base player and that too a young one at that, then you are already flirting with the whole of America.
No other game in America is as popular as Baseball, in fact this sport has spun more movies for Hollywood compared to any other sport or profession. As in one movie ‘Fever Pitch’ where it’s all about Baseball Vs romance. But that was not the case with Matt Treanor who did not miss the catch of his love thrown at him from the pitcher who would later become Matt’s beloved wife .

Love live of Matt and Mysty

Love live of Matt and Mysty

The Pitcher was none other than Misty May who was the most successful “beach-volley ball” Olympic player America has ever seen in recent times. Although volleyball came only 3rd or fourth in popularity to other American sports, but still beach volley ball being a sandy and sunny event scores over other sports as it has this dual flavor about it being a sporting event plus a picnic outing. Moreover with chicks joining the game it is never just a game with all it’s women player’s in sports bikinis can even give the baywatch girls a run for the money in the sex appeal .

Definitely Beach Volley ball has come a long way from the early days of being a male-only sport to being a babewatch event on the beaches. It is now a serious sports which has made it’s way into the tough domain of International Olympics and certainly it has made it to the hearts of every sportive beach goer in America and around the world where beach sports is a part of popular culture .

It all began on November 2003 at a sports therapy center in Orange, Calif. The flirtatious sport of baseball and the testosterone tempting game of beach volleyball finally got into a match of romance and from there on it progressed to the engagement semi-finals, thus Misty May got engaged to Matt Treanor on January 2004, well in this case both the teams won which got them qualified for the ‘marriage finals’. And the finals at last happened on Nov 2004 and the couple were pronounced husband & wife .

At the time of their marriage Matt was a promising player with Florida martins and was now participating in major league games across America while Misty won the gold for the country in the 2004 Athen Olympics.
So with marriage, came the balancing act for the couple to manage each others sports career and it was always demanding since Matt was busy playing tour matches and Misty was getting ready for the 2004 Athen Olympics.

Their busy life was evident as once Matt who was playing against the Mets in Shea Stadium couldn’t be with wife Misty during the 2008 Bejing Olympics and so Matt had to ask his friend to feed him “the play by play status” of his wife’s critical moments of the game over the cell phone .

But all this celebrity conditioning and busy life did not make the couple naïve to the sense of reality as they were as normal a people as anybody, more so to their friends and relatives. When asked about her life outside volleyball she (Misty) said “Once the day is over in volleyball, I leave the court and no one sees or hears from me for the rest of the day. I like to keep work at work. It’s pretty easy for me to live a pretty normal life. I like to coach and I like to sit in a crowd at a baseball game. No one really recognizes me unless I’m walking around a beach half-naked in a suit with my name on it.

So here is cheers ! to M-squared couple for playing the game of life as it comes. Hope their game never ends.

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    Monroe effects: Some Divorce to Escape, Some Divorce for Reconciliation - Part 2

    Sunday, January 8th, 2012

    Monroe effects: Some Divorce to Escape, Some Divorce for Reconciliation - Part 1

    In the 50’s and 60’s, Hollywood was a hope to one and all who wanted to break free from the chains of mediocre social conventions and lifestyle and so Hollywood certainly took Marilyn in it’s spell and also took away a lot of things from Marilyn, slowly she became too much to be not written or spoken about.

    Love life of Merilyn Monroe

    Love life of Merilyn Monroe

    She became the topic of many a teaser gossips within the elite social circles, also she soon realized that the industry itself which made her a superstar, would be waiting to take advantage of her stardom, so in the process she lost some genuine friends and would become irritated which added to the insecurity she was harboring since childhood as she was sexually abused several times as a child.

    So finally became a well established actress when she started speaking about it in the public and she was ridiculed in her approach about the topic which was received with a lot of indifference from the public at large . All this made her think that the world which already had a feast on her ordeal as an abused child was now targetting her, Marilyn almost felt as if she has mortgaged her life to the media which made her feel insecure and had to be institutionalized much against her wishes plus her socialistic view on society and her ever ready gesture to help the downtrodden and poor made her a friend of many communist personalities during that time, which bought her under the direct suspicion of the many anti-communist establishments specially the homeland security and FBI etc. It is said that J.D Edgar Hoover chief of FBI was primarily responsible for the slow deterioration of an otherwise healthy Marilyn which eventually lead to her demise.

    Thus as a husband of the lady who was the “Queen of Hollywood” and more has a true friend, Joe helped Marilyn when she was being considered for frequent rehabilitation and when she was forcibly admitted to a rehab center which was not only hostile towards Marilyn but the rehab center was attempting to frame her as an extreme psychotic case, under direct but unofficial orders from the FBI. It is then when Joe DiMaggio realized that Marilyn had to be rescued and so Joe played an important role in giving her a normal life, thus all who were close to the couple could clearly notice the depth of the love between them. According to Jerry Coleman, “Joe DiMaggio deeply loved that woman.” According to Lois Smith, “The attraction to Joe remained great. Marilyn knew where she stood with him. He was always there, she could always call on him, lean on him depend on him, be certain of him. It was a marvelous feeling of comfort for her.” As Marilyn told Danish journalist, “To know that Joe is there is like having a life guard”, and Joe DiMaggio certainly proved that.

    Lastly the question as to what led to Marilyn’s so-called suicide remains unanswered to date, did she die a Mysterious death ? …was the FBI or Dr. Greenson responsible for her death? or was Marilyn’ herself responsible is debatable.
    But it was Joe who wanted Marilyn to be completely happy and he knew from the beginning that underneath the cloud of stardom and illicit happiness was a mountain of sadness in Marilyn’s heart which he (Joe) wanted to reason with, but Marlyin had strayed too far and believed too much in the glamour world and so it was too late for Joe to save her from all the influencing factors which shaped Marilyn Monroe’s to the final days.

    I think all the above begs to drive the message that Love is above anything humans have known or created, if one finds true love in one’s life time then it is like being the richest person on earth.

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    Monroe effects: Some Divorce to Escape, Some Divorce for Reconciliation - Part 1

    Saturday, January 7th, 2012

    So much has been written and so much has been read about Marilyn Monroe that it has created a mystery of sorts, plus the men in her life have always wanted to control her so as to stall her success by being abusive in more than one way. One wonders whether it was jealousness of the male order that couldn’t digest a woman’s spectacular success or was it a plot by some feminist groups themselves who were at the risk of loosing the attention they used to enjoy as the full quota of media attention was just going to these Hollywood beauties. Such was the case of Marilyn Monroe who was being subjected to all the negative circus of life so much so that Dr. Greenson in whom Marilyn confided, had to isolate Marilyn from friends, colleagues and staff and what he had called “bad influences.

    Love life of Merilyn Monroe with Joe DiMaggio

    Love life of Merilyn Monroe with Joe DiMaggio

    Dr. Greenson reasoned by isolating Marilyn from all her friends and saying “this is the kind of planning you do with an adolescent girl who needs guidance, friendliness and firmness, and she seems to be taking it very well. Of course, she doesn’t think about canceling several hours to go to Palm Springs to be with Mr. Frank Sinatra”.
    Well…Frank as she called him was one of the three men with whom she was in a relationship at various points in her life.

    But her first love was Joe DiMaggio who was a base ball player and was the best as Marilyn once said “I don’t know if I’m in love with him yet, but I know I like him more than any man I’ve ever met.”
    Marilyn’s personality did contrast with Joe’s, as Joe came from a Catholic background with strict joint-family values which was all about strong Sicilian ethics and heritage. Whereas Marilyn came from a broken parental relationship, and had spent her child hood with foster parents.

    As for Marilyn Monroe she was not just a celebrity but had become a brand in her own right and her branding had all the flavors of the generation she belonged to . As the sixties was the beginning of the romantic era which was detoxifying the residual effects of World War-II happening in Korea supported by Russia on the one hand and United states on the other, plus along with America, Russia too was enjoying it’s share of Soviet communist success as later on it earned the reputation of being the first country to dominate the Space Age. So both Russia and America were closely watching each other and as superpowers both were proving to the rest of the world about each one’s superiority and might. But America had a better score in terms of democracy and more freedom specially concerning women, so America for the world was a melting pot of happening things in those days, Unlike today’s America which is a struggling capitalist society reeling under the weight of recession and heavy debt .

    Coming back to Joe, in July 1952, Joe made Marilyn meet his family in San Francisco. At once Marilyn clearly realized why Joe wanted her ‘HIS WOULD BE WIFE’ to be domestic - AS IN RAISING CHILDREN, COOKING ETC, and it had always been that way in Joe’s family being a catholic one. But all the same on January 14, 1954 the couple got married.

    Some of Joe’s close friends who knew Joe too well felt that it wasn’t just the career aspect of Marilyn as an actress. But the media attention she got, was over shadowing him from the public attentio Joe had previously enjoyed. People soon saw and sensed that when they both walked into a room, it wasn’t Joe who was in the limelight in fact his presence at times was completely ignored. Obviously being a star baseball player of the country Joe was used to being the center of attention. But now Marilyn was getting all the attention and Joe couldn’t deal with that. Moreover coming from a strict Catholic household, it was certain that Joe got acutely enraged by watching the sensual and historical stunt of air blowing his wife’s dress over her head which became the sexy, skirt-flying shot for the movie “Seven Year Itch” and that scene of the film gave Marilyn the universal brand appeal that defines her even today. So Joe finally wanted to pull out and the couple got divorced by October 1954 just a few months after their formal marriage.

    To Be Continue…
    Monroe effects: Some Divorce to Escape, Some Divorce for Reconciliation - Part 2

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