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Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Service Review - Part 2

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The other features of Datehookup included the Mutual Match, this is very similar to the feature found in Mingle2. The idea behind this system is that you go through pictures that you like and label them as ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘Yes’. Each time you select an answer, you will be presented with another photo. If there is a mutual match, meaning that the other person also mutually matched you, then an email goes out to tell you this. This could be the ice-breaker needed to get favorable responses from other members on the site. It so happens that when you go to many of these dating sites that the messages you send to all those profiles that you liked, ends up in a black hole. The mutual match is a way to get you more results.

Navigation is an important feature of any dating site, let alone any website on the internet. It can mean the difference between a frustrated user or a user that moves through the site with relative ease without ever having to worry about navigation. Let me tell you, that when a user starts thinking about navigation on your website, then the website effectively has failed. What it should do is take the user seamlessly through the site without having to worry about all these silly little things. An analogy would be to drive a car and when you drive it and find yourself not paying attention to the things that can annoy you such as the ride quality, instrumentation access, ease of driving then you know you have a good car. The point is that all websites should take you through the steps that YOU want to go through and not be hampered by the technical hiccups of navigation, confusing visuals etc. Fortunately, Datehookup excels in this area.

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