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Dating quiz - insight into your personality - part 8

Dating quiz - insight into your personality - part 7 >>>


Now the moment of truth; total up all your scores by the answers you have chosen and below you will find the three groups of personalities depending on your answers. If you answered mainly A’s, check out the personality traits of group A and so on. If you have a mixed set of results you can use A as the top of the ladder and C as the bottom of the ladder and find out where you belong along that ladder. Good luck!

Personality Groups:

A. If you scored mainly A’s, then you are likely to be confident, smooth, debonair, and know exactly what you want, will do whatever it takes on what they want. You dont normally care about what others are thinking as you put yourself first. Exceptional risk takers that can be somewhat selfish, self-centered and likes to be the center of attention. They are usually leaders in any of their undertaking and can appear arrogant, obnoxious and over powering to others. Always adventurous.

B. This is the balanced individual who considers other people in their decision making. Weighs the pros and cons of before making a decision. More down to earth, appreciated, self-motivated and not lazy. They are usually comfortable in their current position but can be philosophical in their thinking. They like to participate in new ventures and always willing to learn something new.

C. This individual usually lets external events and factors dictate their lives and often the follower of many things. They are usually introverted and don’t like change. They are normally comfortable where they are and usually afraid of things that might happen to them. They can be excellent listeners and often dwell in their own world and have difficulty relating to other people.

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  1. Corinne says:

    you were right!

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