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Don’t Blame Online Dating Sites for Teen Sexual Abuse

Teen abuse is rampant across the globe. It is not confined to poor or developing nations or specific strata of society but across all nations and communities. Child abuse is any form of physical, emotional ill-treatment, neglecting the child or exploiting the child which might harm the health of the child and sexual abuse which will affect the development and psyche of the child.

Don’t Blame Online Dating Sites for Teen Sexual Abuse

Children are abused by their own family and it’s the neighbors who speak up. Every state in America (except Hawaii, Columbia and Virgin Island) enforces child abuse reporting law. Keeping the child safe is the responsibility of each person no matter where in the world you are. The person who does not report abuse is as guilty as the abuser himself. It not then only men are abusers, women too are party to child abuse in many subtle form. Neglecting the child and if you are a single mother then letting your boyfriend abuse your child automatically makes the woman party to abusing.

Children suffering from neglect or abuse are a hidden abuse which can occur in any religion, education level, culture and any economic level as well. This has become so common not only in USA but in other nations too. Child abuse statistics show that about 300 million children subjected to violence and 1.2 million are trafficked world-wide. These children who are trafficked are usually from poor communities and exploited.

Developed nations have a different form of child abuse where the child is not forced to do tedious labor jobs but sexually abused. It was found that almost 31% women residing in USA jails were abused in childhood. Abused or neglected children tend to become abusers themselves and 80% of abused children suffer some form of psychological disorder.

India a country that is one of the fastest developing nations in the world is walking on a tight rope due to the rampant sexual abuse that has thrown the country off-balance. A young girl was raped by five men when she was traveling in a bus with her fiancé which they thought was the regular transport bus run by the government. The girl was gang-raped, the guy physically abused and both were thrown out of the bus by the rapists onto the cold streets of Delhi. One rapist was a minor (a 16 year old) was the one who physically tortured the girl after raping her.

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Don’t Blame Online Dating Sites for Teen Sexual Abuse - Part 2

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