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Do’s and Dont’s to tell her you like her before 2013

You liked her since the day you saw her. Every time you meet her, your heart beats faster. Settles those butterflies in your stomach by telling her you like her. The year is coming to an end and so tell her you like her before 2013.

Words and actions are as expressive of any emotion and when it is this beautiful emotion ‘like’, the eyes convey it the soonest.

Do’s & Don’t

Don’t be in a rush to tell her you like her. Think of the times you enjoyed her company and what was common between both of you or what made you respect her a lot. Remember what situation she was uncomfortable in and avoid that kind of situation.

Women simply dislike men who are not confident. Find out from other women friends what kind of attitude turns them on or off. Accordingly analyze your special one and decide how you will express your romantic liking to her.

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Choose a proper place to tell her how you feel about her. Telling her in the middle of the ocean in a sailboat or announcing through a talk show is only good for movies. Do not pressure her and be open to accept her response by telling her you would want to remains friends if not a closer relationship.

Do not expect an immediate response from her. It takes a while for the feeling to sink in and for her to understand if the feeling is mutual or not. If she doesn’t respond then it means she does not feel the same way about you.
Say it with flowers or over a drink which will be in a relaxed environment for both of you. Put your romantic foot forward and tell her you like her before 2013.

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