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Establish your personality. Tips to improve your profile so that your true personality shines through.

Your profile advertises your personality, introducing you to the world. The better the profile the higher the interest in you. Jumpdates has a short registration process that helps users set up their profiles in a concise manner reflecting their true personality thus increasing the chances of finding a desirable mate. Once you are a member, Jumpdates provides a host of features through which you can show off your unique qualities and further increase interest in your profile.

Here are a few tips on getting the full benefit our features have to provide:

Upload Updated Photos - A profile with a photo is deemed to be “real” than a profile without a photo. In addition, a good online photo can make the difference between having an inbox full of responses, or an inbox lacking in a number of good candidates. Try to upload recently taken photo. A smiling face, well lighted images attract attention fast and make a longer lasting impression. Avoid file sizes that are too big, avoid photos that are too revealing or sexy. A good idea is to post one picture of your face, and another picture that shows you in full length. Lastly be honest, post your photo.

About Me- Talking about yourself is the same as reading out loud to an audience. To maintain interest, you have to stop talking before your audience stops listening. To truthfully represent your personality, while making a good first impression, don’t lie about your background and don’t be brutally honest either. Highlight the positive aspects of your daily activities. Be upbeat, positive and confident about whoever you are and whatever qualities make you you.

Interests- Your interests will be your lure to attract others. Think about the last time you were at a big party. Everyone was upbeat, confident and positive, but the people you exchanged numbers with or promised to look up on social networking sites are the ones who shared similar interests with you. Discuss, do not list, the interests that excites you the most. People browsing through your profile will pick up on your excitement. Worried your penchant to get lost in rare and out-of-print used bookstore will scare off others? Don’t fret as long as you make sure that this is not the only thing you like to do. You may buy copies of stage plays from the early Victorian period, that does not mean that you are not open to catching a movie adaptation of a best-selling novel.

Lifestyle- Your lifestyle is shaped by the way you do things. Your mate may share your interests and like your personality but if the two of you do not have compatible lifestyles, the sparks will fizzle out sooner than later. Sure your personality and interestes dictate your lifestyle but there are different ways of doing things. So describe the way you do things you like and read up on how the person you are interested in goes about enjoying activites. For example, if you are a shy person who likes to be active, you will probably be completing errands by walking or cycling instead of sweating it out in spin class at the local gym.

Background & Values- A sad fact of life. People judge others. Specially the background and values of others. So yes, this section of your profile will undergo more scrutiny than the other sections. And yes, it may seem intimidating to fill this section out truthfully. But where you come from and what you value most in life are an inherent part of you and there should be no reason to shy away from discussing it. You may tell a story to highlight your core values or list your background details in a few words. The key is to connect this part of your profile to the other parts to show that this section is only one part of your amazing self.

Education & Career- The two most common aspects people lie about are their income and status. Previous relationships and children closely follow these two. Do not lie or brag. Take some time to consider all you have accomplished this past year or two in your career and/or your education and briefly list them. You do not have to divulge details of your tax return but you don’t have to feel as though your income or education level will be a barrier to finding love. Jennifer Lopez was once married to a backup dancer while George Clooney famously dated a waitress.

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