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Free Dating Sites Review – - Part 6

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Member Base

Along with many features that are lacking on this site, I would put the member base to be of a low count here which would make this site a low proposition for finding suitable dates. The fact that you cannot search beyone 100 miles makes this situation worse.


With so many features not available, I am not sure why people will want to join this site unless they have joined all the free dating sites available on the internet and they happened to come across this.
My conclusion - a thumbs down for this website.


Ease of registration process 3
Look and feel of website 1
Available features 1
Profile creation & completeness 1
Matching System 1
Overall Rating 1.4


This site has very basic features and they also happen to be in all the wrong places. Most of the good website these days work hard in trying to attract more dating people by new features and a good member base.
Unfortunately, this website does not do any of those and it’s probably better to steer away from this site.

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