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Look and Feel

Groupeelove home page consists of a background which off-white and the front is white with a good choice of red and the central portion contains a group shot of people in various age groups. The top portion is red in color and it displays the website name (logo) and to the right is the login section for returning members.

Featured members and featured groups can be seen by scrolling down the home page. I am often puzzled why some of these dating sites I have seen have a home page where there is no indication of any other content below the page unless you actually see a sliding bar on the right. Either it is intentional and designed for the search engine or they are not able to see this ‘flaw’.

The sign up button is visible to the top right side of the page below the red header.
The website also shows advertisements of other group dating sites such as where it would seem to indicate some kind of partnership going on between the two websites. On the bottom right you can see all the socials links for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Registration Process

Registration process is fairly simple and easy and only took me about 30 secs. in total.

First you need to provide your username, email and password and next you have to input personal details for your profile creation.

At the end of the signup, you will receive a confirmation mail.

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