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Having completed several reviews of free dating sites already, I came across another one to review using the Google search engine, it’s called

Look and Feel has a very simple look and feel and didn’t find the color combination to be appealing to the eye. In terms of look and feel a lot of work needs to be done to bring it up to par with other online dating sites. Menus are placed at the top of the page.

Registration Process

For dating sites to be successful in finding matches for it’s members, the user has to complete extensive information about themselves into their profile. There is no exception to the rule with but their process happens at the registration process which makes the whole process of signing up fairlylengthy. However, finishing this at this stage ensures that you don’t have to worry about adding further information to your profile and you can get on with searching for partners on the site.

The registration process has all details covered from basic detail, life style, what you are looking for in your date, profile photos and personality test. Registration process also happens to have a verification process using your 10-Digit mobile number.

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  1. Don Chapman says:

    Well can’t complete registration process cause can’t confirm phone number do one. Second I keep trying to call the number on the registration and it does nothing no ringing or nothing. I believe there is a problem or the sight is bogus.

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