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FREE DATING SITES - What is all the fuss?

Article Subject: FREE DATING SITES - What is all the fuss?

Dr. Dato’s Brief:

I am a great advocate for free dating sites for various reasons.

Free dating sites have been around us since the dawn of the world wide web and it will continue to be a significant factor in the online dating industry. Despite the overall success of paid dating sites and the renewed recent vigor of users looking for love online, the free dating sites scene can be just as rewarding to the end user like any other dating sites.

With free dating sites, you don’t have the corporate overhead mission of purely making an underlying profit from the end user, the goals are far different for free dating sites. In fact the mission of the latter is not driven by the all encompassing love for money but more of a genuine desire to offer a service that will be valuable to the end user.

It is a sad fact that OkCupid has been taken over by and effectively provided a shady ground where many active users will feel disappointed in the future of this free dating site. Going by past experience of’s absorption of other dating sites such as UDate, Yahoo Personals etc. we can see that is only becoming the AT&T of the dating industry.

Unfortunately for OkCupid, the site is not going to go anywhere and will slowly whither away much like the other dating sites and Match will continue to reign supreme.

Match still reigns supreme but Free Dating Sites are coming up the ranks

Match still reigns supreme but Free Dating Sites are coming up the ranks

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  1. garry says:

    hi iam garry i like to go for walks and talk i am not with the game

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