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Gifting Ideas for All - part 2

Gifting Ideas for All - part 1

Serious Relationship:

If you are in a serious relationship with your date who has become a lover by now, one need not wait for an occasion to give her/him a gift. Gifts that are practical convey the seriousness of your relationship. Convey your romantic feeling with gifts given on any day when your heart desires.

Jewelry engraved with the name is the most romantic gift for the woman. Gals you can gift a can opener or a bar set to the guy to convey your romantic feeling for him. A weekend together at a nearby getaway will add spice to the relationship. If your date is a foodie, gift a food tour in your region and see him/her swoon over you.

Sexy lingerie is the best gift to convey the fun time you both have together if you are in a physical relationship else it will convey your interest begin a sexual relationship as well.

Take her to the live band restaurant she loves and ask the singer to sing her favorite song with her name inserted in the song lyrics. Gals you can arrange a party only for the two of you for you guy with a juggler bartender to serve you great cocktails if he enjoys cocktails.

Friends with benefit:

If this is your relationship status then you need not exchange gifts at all. This relationship is based on mutual sexual satisfaction with no commitment at all. There is no question of expressing your emotions and no threat of heart break. You can be best buddies to have lots of fun together with the focus on ‘no strings attached’ with no possibility of anything more. Don’t shift the focus by giving a gift and confusing this relationship.

An appropriate gift conveys to the partner how much time has gone into selecting the right gift to make the date feel special. Be creative while choosing a gift depending on the stage of the relationship and what you want to convey. A wrong gift may end the relationship while the right gift may win the heart over which probably may end your search for a soul mate.

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