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Managing new love and the holidays.

Holiday stress can bring out your least charming qualities and strain your new found romance. Read on for ways to celebrate your new love while making a dash for holiday cheer.

Go out on a short date - Between shopping and getting back in touch with friends and family, making extra time to adore your sweetie can seem like an obligation, especially if it is a new romance. Take heart as there is no written-in-stone rule to spend every possible moment during the holiday season with each other. Save that for the holidays you celebrate after dating for a year. Instead make some time during the week or weekend to spend with each other.  Hold this time to be sacred, scheduling shopping and other obligations around the date instead of during the date. Your emotional bank and your sweetie will be much better for it.

Gifts are from the both of you- The holiday spirit is ever inclusive meaning chances are you will be invited to a few soirees hosted by your mate or friends of your mate. If you are expected to bring a gift to these events, bring one for the host/hostess. Ask your mate if you could simply add a card with both your names for the gifts meant for other friends. Bringing a gift for the host/hostess is being gracious. Bringing a gift for every friend of the mate you met a few months ago is silly.

Keep in touch with each other- If you are spending Christmas with your own family, take a few moments to connect with each other over the phone, via a text or online. Drop a line saying you miss the person or simply wish them again on the day of the holiday. Christmas dinner with family will be more exciting when you get a message from your new love. Added bonus: excitement and tension build till you guys see each other again.

Family and close friends- Holidays are stressful. juggling family, friends and new love adds to the stress. No one wants to talk to mom while holding hands on a date or vice versa. If you find yourself standing next to a honey on the phone with family, step aside to give privacy. After the conversation is over, compliment him or her on taking the call. Smile and go on with the date. You show that you can be understanding. For the next call from family, ask your date to pass along holiday wishes from a friend. You show that you will not freak out when family obligations come into your romance down the road.

New Year’s Eve- You don’t have to spend it with each other. If you spend it seperately, again keep in touch and call when the clock strikes 12. If you spend it together, enjoy the party without thinking too much about the viability of the relationship.

Take a deep breath or two- At the precise moment everything goes out of control. You will be surprised how quickly everything falls into place oxygen supply has been restored to your brain.

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