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Relax and Enjoy the Fast and Thrilling Experiance: Drive

Movie: Drive
Year: 2011
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Stars: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston

Snapshot of Story:
The story is about a lone man who works as a car mechanic during the day and also is a driver for some heists during the evening.

Kickstart to Story:
Ryan Gosling plays the driver who’s character is developed throughout the story. Although a loner by choice he has a few friends and befriends his next door neighbor Irene played by Carey Mulligan. There are no pretenses to their mutual attraction for each other and Irene’s loyalty to her husband and child was subtle but well executed. On the other hand, the ‘driver’ is very stand offish and restrains himself from committing more than friendship into their relationship.

When Irene’s husband returns from prison, the driver immediately encompasses the husband into his friendship but his primary reason is that he sincerely cared for the well-being of both Irene and the son. The husband quickly finds himself in trouble and the driver steps in to help but becomes entangled in a heist that goes wrong and also the beginning of the nail-biting action that ensues.

Memorable moments in the movie:
The beginning of the movie was very well crafted where there are no dialogue but action of a heist that takes place with the driver and two other people. The driver leaves a police radio switched on so he can follow the conversation going on between the police cars and the station. Thus we follow the action through the eyes of the police chase to apprehend the driver, very well done.

In another scene, to avoid detection the driver pulls Irene towards him in the lift and kisses her on the mouth. We are left wandering what was going through Irene’s head after the kiss.

Final Notes:
The movie is extremely well made with the director creating the mood and pace of the movie with much precision that amplifies the drivers personality and the sinister minds of the criminal underground. Parts of the movie are exceptionally violent and portrays the cold and brutal nature of the driver but yet reveals the sensitive side to him when it came to Irene and her son.


Nicolas Winding Refn’s born in Copenhagen see your other superstar born in Copenhagen
First major on screen appearance for Carey Mulligan as “Kitty Bennet”
Ryan Gosling got the place in People Magazine’s top 50 bachelors in 2005

Bryan Cranston featured in famous TV series in 2008 Breaking Bad

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