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Review of Dating Site - - Part 4

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Member Base

The member base is growing rapidly. Despite being a paid site, it is gaining popularity as people are realizing that human matching is much more accurate than mechanical matching. Life is all about emotions and expressions and not just typing a few words or chatting online.

Ease of registration process 3 out of 5
Look and feel of website 4 out of 5
Available features 3 out of 5
Profile creation & completeness 4 out of 5
Matching System 5 out of 5
Overall Rating 3 out of 5

Ranking Statistics is ranked 785,926 on the internet ranking site. It is slowly gaining popularity as people are going back to the old method of finding a match through real people.
The old saying ‘old is gold’ is so true. It was considered very trendy to find a life-partner online as one kept up with the changing times. Now, many have realized that nothing can match the human touch and intervention. Computerized matching does not involve any emotions or any complex criteria’s that are only significant to humans. We humans are emotional beings; being matched with the right person makes life complete and fulfilling. Only a real person can possibly know the two people and match them to become an ideal pair. Remember good things in life don’t come for free. Register with Tawkify and add some meaning to your life by sharing it with the right person.

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2 Responses to “Review of Dating Site - - Part 4”

  1. David says:

    Paid site? No thank you.

  2. DD says:

    What tawkify doesn’t tell you is that they really only cover New York City and Sand Francisco/LA area. They’ll take your money but don’t tell you that there aren’t people in your area. The concept is fun and has some novelty but the execution is poor and they live in NYC, SF or LA go for it, otherwise you are screwed.

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