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Review of Free Online Dating Sites, - Part 5

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Look and feel of the site is not clean and has many different colors that make the look and feel appear somewhat unprofessional as compared to other free dating sites. Registration is a one step process and gets finished at a brisk pace. Facebook connect plugin would have saved time in registering and very similar to what Jumpdates offers to online singles in creating a rapid free dating profile.

Free online dating sites, works on a simple matching system so that while creating the profile ensures that you specify correct details for you and your potential date. Site has only offline message features, online messaging like IM would have been great help for online singles to communicate in real time.

Free online dating sites, claims that it has 55, 673 male members and 41,231 female members, we picked up many user from the site and found that many did not have a profile picture and this can be counted in single digits rather than two. The very few photo profiles makes online dating very uninteresting and not motivational and if you are looking for free online dating sites, then Jumpdates is by far a better choice.

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