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Review of Free Online Dating Sites,

Look and Feel

Look and feel of this site is more than average and it comes with a good color combination. Silver white background with red menus at the top makes it look more appealing and use of grey and light blue color adds more appeal to the look and feel.

Registration Process

review of free dating sites- excites

review of free dating sites- excites

One step registration process makes registration more easy and hassle free. More and more free dating sites are now using these simple registration steps saving user much time. However this has to be backed by complete profile information when you login next time, if this is not there with other 100 free dating sites that it might lack the accuracy when searching for compatible profiles. As soon as you finish the registration you get the confirmation mail along with userid and password.

Login & Customizing Profiles

User can customize all info of profile and can also customize profile color combination should looks like. You can change color of your profile style, it mean if you get bored by same look of your profile then you have power to choose/make you own look.

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  1. dcole050401 says:

    When you rate these sites as a 1.9. Is that out of 4? Out of 5? Out of 10? Out of 100?

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