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Avoid a Con Man Lover in Your Dating Life

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Someone who makes a living by swindling people that is the dictionary definition of “Con Man”. The con man has an unusual psyche as they create an emotional bond and then break it for money. But, there are con men who have a habit or feeling of entertainment in breaking the trust of their dating partner.

Avoid a Con Man Lover in Your Dating Life

Avoid a Con Man Lover in Your Dating Life

There are many con men around you who want to connect with you and cheat you emotionally. But, the question is how can you identify that someone with whom you are dating is a genuine person or a con man.

Here are the top FOUR tips for you to identify him as player at early stage of your dating

No Attention
- You guys are sitting at exotic places for a dinner and he seems to be lost in himself or in his phone and you are the one doing all the talking.

Social Network – It’s very common these days people have profiles on social networking sites like Facebook and to get updates what is happening in the life of their friends. So find it very unusual that he says he is not on the social networking or with almost no friends or family members. This is because he does not want any trails left behind after his breakup.

Excuses with every morning
- Both of you has planned something and found that he just dumped the idea to come with you or has something very important on a Sunday morning.

Mr. Invisible – You both go shopping and you realize that he is not around then suddenly he appears from nowhere and he says he was in the washroom but next minute he is away when you are in the changing room. You feel something strange going on but, he denies anything of that sort.

Tell us what you feel about this article and how do you would identify the con man in your life.

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