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Using search engines to locate good free dating sites - Part 5 - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Article Subject: 5. The rudiments of a browser

Dr. Dato’s Brief:

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Like anything else, for example, learning to dance, some of the fundamentals of the dancing are taught first like breaking down the steps. The same applies to using search engines and to maximize your effort in using these tools, you can rely on your intuition but it is so much better if you were armed with a handful of tips and shortcuts which over time will save you lots of time.

If you haven’t done so already, you will need to use some of the latest browsers for conducting your search. I know what you are saying, have been so comfortable using this ancient browser for so many years and you are comfortable with the buttons and where everything is positioned, why bother changing it. Again, this comes down to keeping up with the times, you will not only miss the new features that are available on the web but in fact your efficiency will be reduced.

Noticed, I said ‘efficiency’ and what this means is that you are actually less productive than you could be, if you spent a few hours trying to adapt to the new browser. One example of this would be the ‘tab’ feature which is extremely helpful to have as it opens a few windows within the same browser instead of multiple windows. Other examples include remembering your password etc. It will be time well spent, trust me. The folks at Microsoft, Apple and Google are burning the midnight oil trying to come up with usable products for you and not for them, because that is what keeps them in business.

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browsers are powerful productive tools depending on how you use them

browsers are powerful productive tools depending on how you use them

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