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Paid Dating Sites Review – Cheek’

Friday, February 25th, 2011

As I have reviewed two card dating sites already (flipmedating, greenlightcard) I came across yet another card dating site called Cheek’ Cheek’ provides a fun way to interact with offline people that you secretly have a crush on and feel intimidated to start a conversation and instead you just simply drop them a Cheek’d card and be on your way to check your PC the next day hoping and wishing!

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Paid Dating Sites Review – Cheek’ - Part 2

Friday, February 25th, 2011

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Photo Profile Section

Profile photographs can be uploaded and added from your computer itself and have not found any strict rules regarding the types of photos that can be uploaded.

The site can be found on many other social networking sites including twitter and facebook but unfortunately you cannot import photos from those sites.

It is not necessary that you should upload your picture only, you can upload celebrity pictures also as I managed to upload them and succeeded.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this site is stated in their policy link where the website does not take any responsibility of user content or information and they may change this policy from time to time without user notification.

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Paid Dating Sites Review – Cheek’ - Part 3

Friday, February 25th, 2011

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Browse & Search Feature

Browsing and searching is possible through the site.

The purpose of joining Cheek’d is so that you can buy cards and the site will give you 50 decks of cards with a unique member id and a card code.

You can edit your profile and see the inbox for free but to access other features, you will need to subscribe to the site.

At the left side of the member page, you can view the collection of cards and shopping and activation of the cards can also be done there. You can also gift the cheek’d cards to other people such as friends, families, colleagues etc.

As this is a card dating site, there is no such thing as browsing through profiles.

You have to buy the cards and hand them conspicuously to someone you are interested in you then they may or may not contact you from the information provided on the card.

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Paid Dating Sites Review – Cheek’ - Part 4

Friday, February 25th, 2011

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As seen in earlier card dating sites, the messaging feature is not that great a feature and you can only see your inbox. There are no features like gifts and hugs that are commonly associated with other online dating sites.

Member Base

As I could not search for members on this site and it would be unfair of me to provide a count of the member base.


Longevity of any site cannot be determined by a single visit but for a card dating site, it is very difficult to say determine the number of paid subscription members.

Ranking Statistics

The site has been launched in May 2010 and it has received the highest number of visitors in July 2010 but the number is decreasing constantly and currently the site has only 396 unique visitors since Jan 2011. This could imply that the concept is not ’sticky’ and is fading with lack of interest. The site has a Google ranking of 1,612,342.

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Paid Dating Sites Review – Cheek’ - Part 5

Friday, February 25th, 2011

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Ease of registration process 2.5
Look and feel of website 1
Available features 1.5
Profile creation & completeness 1
Matching System 1
Overall Rating 1.4


As I have reviewed two other card dating sites (flipmedating, greenlightcard), the cards dating site is a unique concept and requires much effort in the ‘offline’ activity to give any credibility to the website usage.

Photo uploading is easy and there are no rules set for that.

Messaging feature is not very good as you cannot send messages and you can only view your inbox but this may have been the intended design for this unique concept in online dating.

There are no such members to browse or search since this is a unique service requiring people to find the site through the card handed to them.

As far as meeting and dating people are concerned, it may be a long winded process and my preference is for the more common online dating sites that are currently out there right now.

-The End-

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