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How to find genuine dates on free dating sites

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Now that you have signed up to a free dating site, many of you will be wondering whom to contact and how to contact. Unless you are a woman, its unlikely you will wake up one day to find a handful of messages waiting in your inbox of the free dating site.

How to Find Genuine Dates on Free Dating Sites

How to Find Genuine Dates on Free Dating Sites

For a majority of women, they will have their own set of criteria when it comes to filtering the profiles and short list a few that they would consider as genuine dates. How can one tell if these profiles are worth pursuing and worthy of dates, after all, you will spend much time in preparing and looking good for the date. First thing, read and come back again and read again. This will ensure that you have not missed anything important out of the profile. You should do this always especially if you are going out on a date for the first time. This task helps you in several ways:

1. Because you are so familiar with your dates profile, you will be able to spot anything during your conversation that is in conflict with the profile you read and thus raise a red flag.

2. It puts you in a very good position and just like that job interview, you will have done your homework, it is bound to impress. Your date will be flattered.

For the men amongst us, the above also applies but men should also be a bit more proactive when it comes to contacting potential dates. When wading through the many dating profiles, in addition to the pictures you find hot, and by the way pictures can lie too, you should read their profile details. You may find that the picture of this person is not flattering at all and the person can look a lot more flattering in real life. This is why I insist that people take really good pictures of themselves but get a second opinion from others when posting to your online dating profile.

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Another tip is to become familiar with the search features that the free dating site has to offer. For example, if you enjoy salsa dancing, you could look for the keyword search the site offers and look for members who have those keywords on their profile. The possibilities are endless and to get those real genuine dates that you are craving for, get into the habit of locating three good profiles per day. That would equate to 21 profiles per week, and over 80 profiles per month.

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