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Top 5 Songs [Video] To Get Romantic before Going on a Date

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach and a nervous state of mind are somethings both single men and women experience before going on a date and it is most common when they are going to meet someone for the very first time. Music is the best way to get relaxed and get positive vibes before leaving your house on a date night.

Here are top 5 must watch romantic videos

[For some you might not understand words]

Top 5 Songs [Video] To Get Romantic before Going on a Date

Top 5 Songs (Videos) To Get Romantic before Going on a Date

1. Why don’t you start off with Celine Dion’s sensual song that stormed and made an especial place not only in America but touched everyone’s heart worldwide. My Heart will Go On will set the right mood and give you that positive energy you are looking for. If you love Celine Dion you have another precious gift from her collection – The Power of Love.

2. Indian movies are famous for their on screen romance. Check out this Indian romantic song where Sharkrukh Khan and his co-star have just fallen in love at the first sight of each other Video1. You can’t ignore this as well, where these love birds want to stay together all of their life Video2.

3. They say old is gold and how can we miss the classic Heaven by Bryan Adams. This 1985’s original version was re-invented by DJ Sammy and Yanou but did they do justice to that? How can we forget this poor boy in Elton John’s classic Your Song.

4. This is why you love Taylor Swift – Her Love Story. This is perfect for those teens who just started dating and want to have a high dose of romantic vibes before they step out into the real cruel world.

5. Get painted in colors of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. You can’t call this a romantic song but, what is saying is there are no boundaries and that is how love should be.

If you still want an overdose of romance check out this collection. Don’t forget to take a shower, dress well and wear a smile leaving your house and yes make sure you have your wallet to avoid drama and end up loosing your chance for another date.

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Worried about Your Body Part – Men Actually Like Them

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Females always carry a physiological burden that they are not in good shape and spends hours in the gym or starve themselves to achieve their ideal shape. However, males and females think differently, what female don’t like about their bodies male can find it appealing to them.

Worried about Your Body Part – Men Actually Like Them

Worried about Your Body Part – Men Actually Like Them

Females become extra careful about their body when they start looking for dates, dating someone for the first time or planning for their wedding. Check out the list that makes females lose their confidence while dating.

1. Legs – Females believe that they don’t have a decent pair of legs but, on the other hand men are obsessed about females legs and always find them sexy. So while going on date just go for pedicure and try to notice the reaction of your men.

2. Hands – Female hands are delicate and men want to have a good look at them and even hold them. Make sure you don’t hide them from your men on a date night. Men love a good nail art as much as women, get a glossy nail art with your favorite colors or if you know his favorite color try to match that too to get his attention.

3. Lips – Majority of the men observe female lip very early as they love to hear sweet and seductive voices of their female dating partner. Use the perfect tone of lipstick that goes well with your make. Apart from talking with your lips certainly make men crazy if you use them at places on his body.

4. Butt – Females are worried that they have a big butt. Men’s bodies by nature are angular and they love roundness of a female body. Men find the roundness of female bodies more seductive than the skinny appearance.

Comment in this article tells us what you think the other areas of the females body that men actually find more seductive.

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The nature of shortcomings in people - be mentally prepared

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

We all make mistakes and in the areas of couple relationships or when we are dating, the nature of our mistakes can become even more exaggerated. The question that follows, is what is the best way to deal with shortcomings in people.

Firstly, you will need to understand that everyone has shortcomings and our point of reference for people’s shortcomings are entirely based on our own experience. For example, if we feel that we do this and that and our partner is not able to do this and that, then this becomes a shortcoming in the other partner in our own eyes. Equally, your partner will also have a list of potential shortcomings in you! This is where couples learn to adjust and understand that this is the way of the nature and by talking about the subject often helps one to make reconciliations.

Often couples will try to aim for an exchange the services of their shortcomings. For example, you may be a good cook, then I cook and do the dishes. However, in my experience, this division of labor can lead to many problems and often induces self-frustration and leads to complications in the relationship. I believe, it is ok to divide some of the chores of the household or other matters but be very careful in not to take this too far. After all, you are both a couple and not a relationship of convenience.

It is important to know that aside from giving each other tasks based on each other’s shortcomings, is that you continue to overlap and look at many tasks that you can do together. Going out on a date night is ok, but there are plenty of other activities that will forge the relationship between you and your partner and make your relationship a more committed one. Try to think outside the box and do something totally different together instead of the usual walks, trips and regular activities that you are used to. The act of giving and doing something together are some of the paramount ways to build strong relationships.

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