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What Women Want

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

‘What Women Want’ has been an intriguing subject for movies, books and even discussion in conversations? Women are complex creatures but not as mysterious as men think them to be. They are just different.

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Dating - uncomfortable zones of men

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Men may put up a façade of being confident and ‘couldn’t’ care less’ attitude most of the times towards women. Men are human beings too with a rationale mind. There are a lot of situations and actions that make men most comfortable especially when dating.

Men are as apprehensive about dating as women. It’s just that most women share their anxiety with their friends but men don’t. When you have found the right guy to go on a date, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the date fun and exciting when you make sure you are not making him uncomfortable.

Dating - uncomfortable zones of men

Dating - uncomfortable zones of men

A poker face makes guys most uncomfortable. When a guy cannot read what is going on in the dates mind, he is just too uncomfortable. He may probably lose interest in you. Keep constant eye contact with your guy and don’t stone wall. Express yourself not only with words but with gestures and facial expressions too for him to find you more attractive.

The pitch of the voice is another zone that makes men uncomfortable when on a date. Shrieking voice irritates the wiring of the brain and the guy would prefer to leave rather than sit there. Yes, each one can modulate the voice so that it does not attract attention from other people who are around you.

Discussing interest in porn or nudity is the most uncomfortable zone for men. They are not sure how to react if women discuss porn on their initial few meetings. When the dating has evolved into a closer relationship then it is ok to discuss nudity or porn.

Let the relationship evolve before you ask the guy about commitment and marriage. Men think on a physical plane while women think on an intimate plane. These two plains literally form skew lines and the guy is caught off-guard when women suddenly discuss marriage and commitment making him uncomfortable. Too much bonding also makes men uncomfortable.

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6 Ways to Spoil Your Dating Life

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Flowers and relationships need to be nurtured to bloom. Dating is the beginning of a beautiful long term relationship. Dating is one moment that is looked forward to every time by each person. With online dating websites, each one can find a date for an evening or a life time from the comforts of the home or office. With a busy schedule for the day or week each person is caught in a very routine way of life. Avoid these sexy six dating spoilers thereby adding more meaning to your dating life.

6 ways to spoil your dating life

6 ways to spoil your dating life

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1. Ambition: workaholics are obsessed with their career. Their focus is only on career which does not permit them to enjoy or have fun when with a date. If you cannot pay attention to your date, it is sure to break your relationship up. Each person is wired for affection and connection. If you cannot connect as you are preoccupied with your work then your dating life has gone for a nose dive

2. Time: to develop and sustain a relationship, one has to devote time. Long working hours and stress causes fatigue which shows. If you are spending time with your date looking so tired and disinterested, nobody wants to waste time with a boring date

3. Emotional Dependency: don’t be emotional on your date till the relationship develops into a matured long term affair

4. Possessive: don’t get too possessive about your date as you will end up hurting him/her rather than making him/her happy. Each needs their own space and time even when dating

5. Communication: with connectivity at our fingertips we all are addicted to instant messaging (IM) or texting. You choose to meet that person online rather than in person. Communication is restricted to typing only whereas verbal communication has a magical effect on a relationship

6. Ego: keep ego out of a relationship unless you want to end that relationship. Each person has own view point or opinion and neither is wrong in their own way. Handle the situation rationally and don’t let your ego drive your decisions

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Male and Female Behavior as per Stage of Relationship - Part 2

Monday, February 18th, 2013

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We as human beings are wired for love and connection though relationships are not always easy. As the lead researcher, Bianca P Acevendo at Albert Einstein College of Medicine says that romance need not fizzle out in a long term relationship and can last a lifetime to make the relationship healthier and happier. Women are happy in marriage when they get to spend more time with their husband, friends and family. Men are happy in marriage if they are happy with their finances. Both are happier when they feel they have influence over their spouse and a satisfying sex life. Couples can keep the spark in their marriage alive with regular date nights to make life fun and exciting which makes the brain chemicals flow. A happy couple does stuff to give each other pleasure, create mutually satisfying habits that improve relationship. Create a place where they can discuss openly and not be accused or judged no matter in how foul a mood they are. Be good listeners to resolve issues rather than walling up. Share life together and turn towards each other rather than turning away to make life more meaningful.

A relationship breaks when either partner feels like being ‘stuck’ in the role. Couples don’t usually fight for money, sex, raising kids, in-laws, or house work. They fight when they feel that their partner does not care about how they feel. Human brain is wired for love and connection. The moment this feeling of disconnection occurs, most couples fight as it gives them a feeling of insecurity and the blame game begins which causes the real damage. Divorce is hard on partner, children and the close family members too. It is a very difficult period of transition for all. Divorce brings in whole bunch of commitments and responsibilities from alimony, child support to property division. Divorce is hard and frustrations should not be taken out on the child which will affect his/her psychology negatively. Single parent faces a much tougher life as the child is not used to seeing only one parent at a time or the other parents on a specific date or time. The child hopes that parents will get back together and it is tough for the single parent to explain to the child that this will not happen. The close family and friends are also affected by the divorce. The friends cannot keep a relationship with both as it becomes a tricky situation to choose sides or fell sad every time they think of the broken relationship.

Behavior is a highly complex science and research is being done to relations between relationships and brains. Each individual behaves differently towards a person or a situation which can never be generalized. With research being carried out the world over, maybe someday we will be able to understand why male or females behave differently during different situations and circumstances.


Divorce And Women:

Effect of Divorce: target="_blank">

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Male and Female Behavior as per Stage of Relationship

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Relationships are a highly complex phenomenon. Each brain reacts differently to every situation. The male and female brain activity changes according to the stage of the relationship they are in. The medial prefrontal cortex region of the brain plays a major role in romantic decision making by making judgments about physical attraction or the person is Ms or Mr. Right. Each person goes through different stages in a relationship that begin with dating as teenagers, adult dating, courtship, marriage and in some cases divorce and single parent. At every stage the male and female behavior gets altered depending on the brain activity.

Male and Female behavior as per stage of relationship

Male and Female behavior as per stage of relationship

Teenage Dating and romance: Teenage is the weirdest stage in a person’s life. You like to prove to the world that you know all but you are most confused about everything. Puberty just kicks in changing the hormonal balance and gives one the intoxicating feeling of first love or first crush. The brain structure and chemicals affect the way a teenager reacts to romance. The boys at this age can think of nothing except sex as the testosterones surge in the system and their interest in the physical aspect of sex is much higher. The girls do undergo hormonal changes and their focus is on the relational aspect of sex.

Falling in love is an emotion and the brain activity is like having taken a shot of cocaine. When in love, the brain releases dopamine and serotonin which gives the feeling of euphoria. Teenagers get bored as the excitement of the emotion is lost and get tempted to find a new partner for the emotional ‘high’.

Adult singles do go through this same cycle of euphoria. Being single and ready to mingle, people start looking for a more consistent relationship rather than only the ‘emotional kick’. The feeling of commitment for a long term relationship sets in as the brain starts making judgments about a long term relationship. This gives a feeling of security to both the male and the female and a happier state of mind with a fulfilling relationship. Physical attractiveness does play a major role amongst adult singles to find a partner. Once they have found a companion then behavior pattern changes as brain activity changes. Girls look for intimate bonding due to the release of oxytocin while guys hormone vasopressin increases the feeling of being her protector and being more attentive towards her. This stage can be the stage of courtship when life is most beautiful as both care more about each other and express their emotions too. During this stage in the relationship, the guy will shower his girl with gifts and she in turn will take pride in being his chosen girl and envy of most around.


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