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Are Dating Websites Dead? - Part 1

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

We have a growing band of users armed with their smartphones and even phablets (a cross between smartphone and tablets) that spend most of their time browsing the internet. Naturally the time spent on these devices take users away from what used to be the standard way of browsing ie. your humble desktop computer or laptop. This has been confirmed with the dent in the sales of desktops and laptops and companies like Dell are finding it increasingly difficult to stay profitable in the old market. The real winners are smartphone and tablet manufacturers such as Samsung. So how does this impact the way users browse and especially the long standing industry of the online dating world?

Are Dating Websites Dead - Part 1

Are Dating Websites Dead - Part 1

Online dating websites have been with us since the world wide web practically began. However, users behavior has been changing over the years and several free dating websites such as, and have reported significant growth in the number of users accessing their website through smartphones. There is a good percentage of users who will use the mobile applications provided by these sites and some will just browse to the internet website. This begs the question, are mobile apps the way to go?

There are highly paid economists and visionaries that are analyzing the phenomenal growth of mobile devices. It has already been predicted that there will be 1 billion shipment of smartphone devices by 2015 and hence the fervor for mobile applications. However, in business the underlying factor is naturally money and one needs to think carefully about that. The smartphone market is still in it’s infancy to generate cash unless you have a really addictive application or game that you just cannot put down. In the world of dating, the proliferation of free dating websites makes for mobile app developers in this market a challenge. The majority of the dating apps developed are always coupled with the originating dating website. In essence, the dating website will not go away anytime soon, but it continue to growth leveraging the new standards in html and browsers. Here are a few reasons for this continued growth…

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