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Arm Caddy for Celebrities

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Celebrities are always in the limelight and most are sought after by the general public. Though celebrities get a high being surrounded by their fans, there are moments when they need to relax and unwind. Being a celebrity becomes stressful as one has to maintain a mindset and mood that may contradict what the brain actually thinks.

Celebrities are usually on the move. Hollywood celebrities, singers, performers or sports celebrities are constantly traveling. They do travel with their spouse or partner most of the times. When compelled to travel alone, most of them choose to date a companion who is referred to as an ‘arm caddy’.

Sweet Arm Candy for Celebrities

Sweet Arm Candy for Celebrities

Celebrities hire a companion to provide companionship and comfort when they are in the limelight. The stress of a game or stage performance or the shooting outdoors takes the toll on the celebrity. When in public view they are surrounded by fans, returning to the hotel the loneliness and boredom sets in which increases stress and leads to depression. Aside from bodyguards, a companion keeps that depression away and ensures that the performance of the sportsperson or actor is not affected during the highly electrifying game or shooting the next day.

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An arm caddy is an unknown companion to the celebrity who is envied for this glam position. Most celebrities are spotted with an arm caddy these days offering a new profession for the public.

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