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Why Single Parents Struggle in Starting Dating Again

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Everyone wants a loving partner and life long relationship. But, all are not lucky and after getting separated, life of a single parent becomes very busy as they have to play a dual role of a caring parent at home and a daring individual professional at the workplace. This makes single parents very busy and some tend to neglect their own love life.

Why Single Parents Struggle in Starting Dating Again

Why Single Parents Struggle in Starting Dating Again

According to the stats provided by the U.S. census bureau in 2009 about 84% of the mothers and 16% of fathers are single parents. This is surpassing as males are financially more stable than females. This is a different topic and we might discuss this on some other day. The world with broken heart can look ugly which empties the love factor from you heart and from the mind and you don’t want to relive the same experience.

Taking a bit of time off from dating will be a good idea in an ideal situation but, denying the need for mental support that only your partner can provide is not right. Apart from this mental need every individual also has a physical need.

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The finer aspects of Dating For Single Parents

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Like many things in life dating for single parents requires some juggling. Of course, every single parent has the right to begin dating again. However, some find it hard to find time or the inclination to date again when there are responsibilities of raising children, work pressures, and maintaining a home. The most important thing is to get back to dating only after you get over your divorce. Carrying emotional baggage won’t do your intentions to date again any good. Dating for single parents entails balancing the challenges of parenthood and enjoying dating again. The good thing is if you find a single parent to date, both of you aren’t starting from scratch. Just begin with a positive attitude and enjoy the fact that you are secure as an individual and a parent as well. This will help you get back into the dating scene with confidence.
When it comes to dating for single parents you definitely want to make time to enjoy a social life without compromising on quality time with the kids. Balancing it won’t be hard if you plan in advance. Both partners would understand the need to schedule things rather than go out on an impromptu date. So, what you need is to balance time for parenting as well as your social life. The important thing is to present yourself as an individual entity when you do begin a relationship and don’t let your role as a parent undermine it. Get this right and you will be able to make a smooth transition with the kids once they know you are happy again.

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The art of Dating For Single Parents

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Single parents deserve every chance at loving once again. For us who are part of this growing statistic, it isn’t about dating again. We ought to seek to find new friends, whether male or female, not dates. This means looking for a partner that will enrich your life as well as the kids. There will be so many new experiences and activities to look forward to. When it comes to dating for single parents there are a number of sites that cater to this niche. And, without doubt, there are many on single parents on the free dating sites. It is important to keep your kids in the spotlight even when you register on a dating for single parents site. Your children ought to be included in your plans at some point of time.
Keep your lines of communication open when you do begin to date. Of course, they don’t need to be involved in the process of choosing a partner on a free dating site. There will be a time when you want to break the news to them. Just make sure you specify what you want in a partner when you build your online dating for single parents profile. The key is to enter into the dating scene slowly. You need time to nurture a new relationship so use the chat room and email on a free dating site for a while before you even think of the next step. This will also help you find out how mature and patient your prospective match really is.

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