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How to Succeed With Women - Inside Story by Ron & David

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

It is more common to hear that she likes me as a friend but nothing works out in the romantic sense. She just runs away from me and this frustrating situation drives men crazy. Get out of this situation when you follow the simple tips to win women who will literally be lusting for you.

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How to Plan Your Marriage Proposal

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

We have all read plenty of articles and even witnessed how male singles can be in two minds about marriages. They just can’t make a decision. The big challenge is that they face is how to propose to her but, don’t know how and do not have any plans to make the event successful.

How to Plan Your Marriage Proposal

How to Plan Your Marriage Proposal

Here are few Do’s and Don’t ways you can propose to her for marriage –

1. Do - A private Affair – There are places that are very special to you and your partner and holds much importance to you such as the Eifel tower or the Taj Mahal and are sites to behold for lovers around the world. Choose the perfect place and time and express your feelings.

2. Don’t – In front of family – You love your family (everyone does) but, making such a private moment public can be a setback for you and your proposal. You also don’t know how she will react.

3. Do – Strike at the right time – Proposing for marriage is a delicate issue. Some men believe in sooner is better, wait and watch and right time for this kind of policy. There is nothing wrong in that but, what is the point if you miss the train altogether. Do something rather than coming back home with a disappointment after a romantic weekend.

4. Don’t - Forget the ring – Your overconfidence can hurt your love life. Don’t be in the state of mind where you think that your girl loves you and not your money and that is why a proposal without a ring will also work for you. Diamonds are girls’ best friends, it symbolizes the eternity of your relationship.

Comment on this article and tell us what are your views and stories in proposing to your girl.

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