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Are You Kidding Me Niche Dating Sites, Free for only Beautiful Singles

Monday, April 30th, 2012 – the socialist platform to get answers about your relationship issues and other topics is featuring a question these days “what are some of the ridiculous dating websites?” Well this question sounds too harsh as the online dating industry is big and you will find plenty of free niche dating sites with varied member base.

Are You Kidding Me Niche Dating Sites, Free for only Beautiful Singles

Are You Kidding Me Niche Dating Sites, Free for only Beautiful Singles

Recently, Google alert was bombarded with news flash that the launch of niche dating sites - those who love to travel and it would a free dating site for beautiful female online singles. It works like this… if you are beautiful and love to travel then there are plenty of millionaires waiting for you to join them in their world tour. You will be traveling free and the millionaire accompanying you would foot all the bills.

Coming back to question posted on which was answered with the website MissTravel. Jumpdates certainly don’t think like wise, in fact this is a great opportunity for millionaires and beautiful ladies to get together and find true love. Imagine you are traveling with a stranger for a month and at the end of month you realize that you are in love. How romantic is that! Of course there maybe caveats to this such as the personality of the person you are traveling with. Hopefully, you will square this away prior to going on the trip.

Comment on this post and tell you what you think of these type of niche dating site which looks like a free dating sites for female online singles on the go.

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The free dating war

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

What is the ‘free dating war’ you maybe asking yourself? Well, its a continued war that is going on behind the scenes of the internet from online dating sites all clamoring to get your attention. However, it is important for the many online singles to understand some of the tactics employed by these sites to lure you into signing up with them.

free dating war on the rise

free dating war on the rise

The first important fact is that some of the dating websites will not be up-front with regards to the costs associated with signing up to their membership plan. Their initial aim is to get you signed up and show you the members they have available for you to contact them and when you want to message a profile that you like, they will throw up a membership plan page. These online companies will rarely offer you the opportunity to browse the profiles that is available on their site prior to signing up with them. Once you are signed up to them, they may send potential matches based on the information you provided to them when you registered on the site.

With regards to the dating sites that are free, one of the early adopters made available to the public a searchable database and even had a newsletter where people could receive matches without joining the site. However, ‘scraping’ tools used by inconspicuous websites designed to ‘lift’ profiles from the dating sites have forced many of them to close off the ‘public view’ of the membership database. You may have heard of a case last year when a dating company was accused of scraping hundreds of thousands of Facebook profiles.

There are primarily two types of online dating categories, paid subscriptions based sites and of course the free dating sites. Jumpdates has completed an extensive analysis and review of all these major sites including many that you probably have not heard of. Included in the unbiased reviews are some major international sites that have gone from strength to strength. You don’t have to be too concerned with this dating war that is going on behind the scenes. Your best bet is to review a handful of sites before carefully hand-picking the sites that you want to join and use.

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Don’t be Swayed By Brand Names, There Is A Lot to Be Said About Free Dating Sites

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

In the same way when we go to supermarkets to buy groceries, we maybe influenced by familiar names that sit on the top shelves waiting to be picked. It’s almost like they want you to make that connection with the TV commercial the other day and be comforted to know that ‘they are the good ones and the only ones’ and others will not suffice. As a result the less-branded unknown names suffer and you maybe missing out on a good thing. The same analogy can be applied to free dating sites who are itching to vie for your attention but the branded sites almost always dominate the scenes.

Think to yourself how often you have fallen for this stunt but you almost feel helpless because the other dating websites haven’t come up to you and said anything. How can they? Despite the fact that these dating sites don’t have the clout to compete in the same space as the branded sites, there is something that they will never be able to compete with and that is price. After all these websites are absolutely free to use and who doesn’t like that!

In today’s hard times, more people are careful with money, however there is a caveat to all this. During hard times such as now we yearn for consoling by loved ones and we have tendency to group and huddle together. What happens as a result is that both camps actually win the stakes in capturing your attention to their sites. The feeling of needing a companion becomes even greater and those who are foolhardy in the heart will still be drawn by the branded shelves and those foolhardy in the head will still watch their purses and go for the lower shelves.

It is very easy for us to be drawn into one way of thinking, its like we grow up eating the same food and its only after experimenting that we open ourselves to the wider appeals of our tastebuds. The same can be said about branded names and the free dating sites, you will not know unless you make a conscious decision of trying.

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Singles Flirt on Social Networking Sites and Look for Date on Dating Websites

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have been a big hit. Facebook now has more than 700 million users across the world, considering that there are approximately 6 billion people around the world, that’s a mighty big chunk! This boom of social networking has also given a big thrust to dating websites. Nowadays, young entrepreneurs are taking innovative steps to make their dating websites more appealing by using the power of social networking.

Singles Flirt on Social Networking Sites and Look for Date on Dating Websites

Singles Flirt on Social Networking Sites and Look for Date on Dating Websites

Don’t be surprised that the dating website of the future will be replaced by comprehensive Facebook dating application. The is the latest Facebook dating app that helps Facebook users to their best match, it seems that they don’t believe in dating websites, just kidding. With Facebook taking such a dominant position on the web, there will always be a group of smaller cottage companies following on its heels. This is very similar to the Apple story with their line of products and with that bringing out a whole sleuth of companies supporting their products.

The Facebook dating apps hold an advantage as it takes just click of a button and they can import all of your details from Facebook (with your permission of course) which makes it very easy to join a dating website and any other site for that matter. The think tank in Facebook has come up with an elegant solution of a co-operative method that only increases their domination in this web space. Another biggest asset of these Facebook dating app is a huge database of users across the world which only fuels the growth of the dating app.

Dating sites over the years has changed a lot and not only how they look but also how they work and an unchanged mission to create new relationships, if these Facebook dating apps can take it to the next level who is to say that it’s not right.

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What’s Your Choice…Speed Dating Show or Online Dating?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

“Take me out” this is latest speed dating show by Perez Hilton going on air as 30 girls battling out over one man to go on date. It will have a feel of a game where men need to impress the ladies and in turn they put on the charms if they find him sexy.

What’s Your Choice…Speed Dating Show or Online Dating

What’s Your Choice…Speed Dating Show or Online Dating

In every episode they will create one date and as many as 30 ladies will join in and try their luck. This would be interesting to watch but we need to wait to find out how singles can get in to that show. But, being a speed dating show, don’t you feel it is slow in nature. There is nothing wrong in having a stab at this kind of dating, but online dating looks to be a better idea.

We all know how online dating has been helping millions of singles to find their dating partner and creating relationships. Major online dating sites do not take more than 2 minutes to join and find countless numbers of males and females to choose dates with. Some of the dating websites especially offers a Facebook plugin to register in a matter of seconds. The question is when we have these quick means to find a date then do we need speed dating shows. This show naturally has created a buzz because of it’s big name and a famous celebrity hosting the show.

Comment on your views and join the discussion of this new speed dating show hosted by Perez Hilton.

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