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Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

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It is possible that as a nation expands in economic power and wealth, singles are expected to produce more and their expectations are more complex than say a tribe in a remote part of Africa. Here the tribe work together to form a union between the community where work is shared and the value of each individual becomes even more apparent. In the Western nations, everyone is held accountable to society but not to the family unit around them. It almost seems that society is vying for a bigger contribution from each individual at the cost of family unity. Each of one us is busy trying to make money and fulfill the long term objectives required by the nation to continue its path towards global expansion and power. But for what? To make a few more people at the top more powerful and hungry for more. If one has sufficient money, the reverse is true. They are now in a position to spend more time with family and ponder over matters that are more in tune with the affairs of the heart.

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

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Are singles of today looking for a brighter future with their partner or just to make sure that both can get by in society and have the ability to maintain some kind of life? What is true is that pairing up can be economical in many ways than one. For example, singles sharing the same roof can reduce their rental outgoings as well as the money that goes towards food, gas etc. It seems that pairing up can make economical sense and the other factor of companionship may come later for some depending on your financial situation. If we are to increase the birth rate of the nation as the German ministries are eager to do, then I believe we need to tackle the bigger problem of people welfare and their standing in society. We can bring all the programs to bear for helping couples to have more children but this would be all wasted if the right environment for couples are not created within the society. This would mean having a less stressful life where the nation is not pulling at individuals from all angles and encourages family unity. It also means the spread of wealth should be divided fairly and not unbalanced such as the case of western nations of today.

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