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Are you a victim of a Dont Call Me message when dating online?

Friday, July 1st, 2011

If you have received a don’t call me message from your potential online dating partner then something has drastically gone wrong somewhere. You will be surprised at the number of complaints about rudeness with a few online daters. And, you wouldn’t want to be one of them, would you? If you are positive about not being the guilty party then it is time you learned to deal with rudeness. Politeness costs nothing so don’t retaliate by being rude. The key is to get to the root of the problem. It would be prudent to send a mail across asking a reason for the sudden change and hope for a reply. This is the best way to handle any don’t call me messages.
On the brighter side a don’t call me message can be an indication you need to move on. There are millions of singles dating online and you will definitely find one that’s polite and compatible with you. On the other hand, make sure you don’t ignore polite messages. And, don’t hesitate to send that polite introductory message either. In the process, don’t forget to thank your potential date for taking the time to respond to your messages. Send it to someone who has initiated contact with you as well and you don’t want to pursue a friendship. That is much better than an awful don’t call me. These sort of issues are best handled in a mature manner. When you begin to date online, you do learn a lot. That’s the beauty of dating online.

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