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Sharing Relationship Details on Social Media … What’s Your Take?

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Social media has become the integral part of our daily lives and has changed the way people use it to interact with other people. Today what’s happening in your life becomes your status and a picture becomes viral amongst the social friends you share. It’s fast and at lightning speed and in this excitement we tend to forget our boundaries of what to share and how much considered too much?

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A Leaf out of Facebook’s Book for Dating Sites or May be NOT

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Today Mark Zuckerberg rang the Nasdaq bell at the Facebook headquarters at Menlo Part, California to make the Facebook IPO go live for the public. Soon after that their stock shot up by 10% as it heads toward becoming a $100 billions company. Wow, what a growth in just over 8 years!

A Leaf out of Facebook’s Book for Dating Sites or May be NOT

A Leaf out of Facebook’s Book for Dating Sites or May be NOT

We all know what Facebook does and how they make money, a platform that allows user to share their views, pictures, stories and make them social. Free internet dating sites were doing a similar business since 1994, 10 years before Facebook was launched. The question is how did Facebook go beyond these free internet dating sites in terms of popularity, money and user base?

There must be something different adopted by Facebook as their business model which these free internet dating sites missed due to some constraint or overlooking essential points. The main idea behind the Facebook is to give a platform where people can connect to each other and socialize on the web which is very much understood and accepted worldwide but, when it comes to dating which is the theme of many free internet dating sites, it is not as widespread.

There are countries where dating is still an alien concept but, not socializing. You might stop dating on free internet dating sites after you get married but, you will still be a social animal and spend time on Facebook to interact with friends and you might not think of dating at 13 but you will definitely socialize on Facebook.

These are some of the built in differences that took Facebook to the level and made a $100 billion company and you never know where we will see them in next 8 years.

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Singles Flirt on Social Networking Sites and Look for Date on Dating Websites

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have been a big hit. Facebook now has more than 700 million users across the world, considering that there are approximately 6 billion people around the world, that’s a mighty big chunk! This boom of social networking has also given a big thrust to dating websites. Nowadays, young entrepreneurs are taking innovative steps to make their dating websites more appealing by using the power of social networking.

Singles Flirt on Social Networking Sites and Look for Date on Dating Websites

Singles Flirt on Social Networking Sites and Look for Date on Dating Websites

Don’t be surprised that the dating website of the future will be replaced by comprehensive Facebook dating application. The is the latest Facebook dating app that helps Facebook users to their best match, it seems that they don’t believe in dating websites, just kidding. With Facebook taking such a dominant position on the web, there will always be a group of smaller cottage companies following on its heels. This is very similar to the Apple story with their line of products and with that bringing out a whole sleuth of companies supporting their products.

The Facebook dating apps hold an advantage as it takes just click of a button and they can import all of your details from Facebook (with your permission of course) which makes it very easy to join a dating website and any other site for that matter. The think tank in Facebook has come up with an elegant solution of a co-operative method that only increases their domination in this web space. Another biggest asset of these Facebook dating app is a huge database of users across the world which only fuels the growth of the dating app.

Dating sites over the years has changed a lot and not only how they look but also how they work and an unchanged mission to create new relationships, if these Facebook dating apps can take it to the next level who is to say that it’s not right.

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Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato - Online dating ‘could become the norm’

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Article Subject: Online dating ‘could become the norm’

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Dr. Dato’s Brief:

This is general use with the post reiterating what people seem to know and appreciate already today….
‘Online dating medium could be the most common way that single people will likely to meet in the future’

The noted that professor of psychology Roger Brooked had observed that the creation of online communities have helped facilitate the creation of communities where people can communicate across globe aka Facebook as an example.

I would go as far and say that the recent resurgence in interest in online dating has been driven primarily by the demand in social dating sites such as Facebook. More people are becoming familiar with the online tools and now seeing the benefit of communicating with other singles through this online medium. This has probably spurred the growth of a few names that we may have already heard such as zoosk, bandoo just to name a few.

facebook has likely been instrumental in the resurgence of todays dating sites

facebook has likely been instrumental in the resurgence of todays dating sites

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Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato - Facebook photos ‘land on’ dating site

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Article Subject: Facebook photos ‘land on’ dating site

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Dr. Dato’s Brief:

Most people don’t understand the technical aspects of how other sites can manage to to easily extract information from one site and build a new on like in this case.

I will attempt to give you a quick tutorial on the relative ‘ease’ at which information can be extracted from other sites by anyone. This will hopefully provide some insights as to how the internet works, if you didn’t know already.

The biggest ’scraper’ of websites in the world is Google, it needs to do that in order to provide useful information to all the users through its search engine page. Basically Google sends out what is called a Google bot to any site it wants to find out more about. The bot essentially drills through the home page and subsequent pages following link by link and using its unique algorithm it can determine what the website is all about. It then stores this information into its own database which is queried by all the users around the world.

In this way Google is able to deliver meaningful and useful information to its end user. As it so happens the site can be small or large that the bot is looking at and so the bot needs to do a lot of crawling and keep returning to the site to properly index all of its web pages into its own database. Since the website can have changing content, this will trigger the bot to come back regularly to the website to pick up on new content.

Here is the caveat; some websites have a ‘login’ feature which allows user to enter the website and see private information regarding the account. Google has no knowledge of the accounts held in the site and is therefore unable to login and see the pages ‘behind’ the accounts. In similar fashion, some of your web pages in your facebook account are public and the others are private depending on your privacy settings in facebook. The only pages that another ‘hacker’ can lift are the pages that are public.

So in short, it is really pointless to blame the finger on privacy concerns when our information is already public to the world. This is why Facebook is unable to take a rigid stance on this, because it might as well slap Google on the hands for doing the same. But we all know that is not going to happen.

facebook - how much do you know about its privacy settings?

facebook - how much do you know about its privacy settings?

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