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Free Dating Sites are Safe from Hackers unless You are a Big Name

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Online singles often complaint about that their accounts been compromised. Even the biggest free dating sites has been the victim of this as their critical user information has been stolen from their secure servers. This was news and a matter of concerns for all the players in the online dating industry in 2011 as CEO of POF Markus Frind gave this shocking news.

Free Dating Sites are Safe from Hackers unless You are a Big Name

Free Dating Sites are Safe from Hackers unless You are a Big Name

But, normally free dating sites are not the prime target of hackers whose first intention is to get the financial benefit from a hacked website. They get an increased benefit from directly stealing the credit card information or by stealing the vital and important user information which is worth millions of dollars.

One cannot avoid such attacks on their websites as this is going to happen if you are a big brand online which is what happened in the case of free dating sites However the big question is who would have got the indirect benefit from this attack? The first thing that comes to any one’s mind would a business competitor. However, there are cases where websites have been hacked and data has been stolen just for fun or to test the skills of the hackers.

Currently the most happening things on the web are social networking and free dating sites. This is why no one can deny the fact that those two are the hacker’s paradise. Now the time has come for some the big name to create something like an anti-hacking cell that can monitor these kinds of attacks and prevent these hackers from stealing valuable information. Profile information is very sensitive and the bread and butter of any online dating sites and if a user starts feeling that their information is not safe online they would not fill out their complete profile which is again a set back for these free dating sites.

Comment on this article and let us know what you feel about this kind of hacking incidents and the stealing of users private information.

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