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A Leaf out of Facebook’s Book for Dating Sites or May be NOT

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Today Mark Zuckerberg rang the Nasdaq bell at the Facebook headquarters at Menlo Part, California to make the Facebook IPO go live for the public. Soon after that their stock shot up by 10% as it heads toward becoming a $100 billions company. Wow, what a growth in just over 8 years!

A Leaf out of Facebook’s Book for Dating Sites or May be NOT

A Leaf out of Facebook’s Book for Dating Sites or May be NOT

We all know what Facebook does and how they make money, a platform that allows user to share their views, pictures, stories and make them social. Free internet dating sites were doing a similar business since 1994, 10 years before Facebook was launched. The question is how did Facebook go beyond these free internet dating sites in terms of popularity, money and user base?

There must be something different adopted by Facebook as their business model which these free internet dating sites missed due to some constraint or overlooking essential points. The main idea behind the Facebook is to give a platform where people can connect to each other and socialize on the web which is very much understood and accepted worldwide but, when it comes to dating which is the theme of many free internet dating sites, it is not as widespread.

There are countries where dating is still an alien concept but, not socializing. You might stop dating on free internet dating sites after you get married but, you will still be a social animal and spend time on Facebook to interact with friends and you might not think of dating at 13 but you will definitely socialize on Facebook.

These are some of the built in differences that took Facebook to the level and made a $100 billion company and you never know where we will see them in next 8 years.

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There Should be Quality Standards of Free Internet Dating Sites – a Concept

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

In the previous dating article we talked extensively about “free dating war” which is kind of cold war between free internet dating sites to lure more and more online singles to their site. In the process, these sites forgot to think about the quality of the site and the requirements of online singles as they focused only to achieve high sign-ups.

There Should be Quality Standards of Free Internet Dating Sites – a Concept

There Should be Quality Standards of Free Internet Dating Sites – a Concept

While doing some research Jumpdates found that there are free internet dating sites who even posted jobs on freelance sites to get sign-ups. We don’t want to label any of these sites but, you can certainly understand the extent of black hat technique that are being employed. Sites will do much just to gain traffic, which is unfortunate because they are too busy concentrating on turnover. As a result many sites have an aged look about them and they have not kept up with the modern standards demanded by users.

Here is an idea how about having a platform like the upcoming Olympics for free internet dating sites where all the players from the dating industry would showcase their achievements with and figures. There should be a federation of online dating which keeps an eye on the entire site and create standards for dating sites. Something like ISO stands which never tell how to do business but keep and check to certain standards.

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Learning from others to reach loftier levels in free dating sites

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Most of us whiz through life without thinking of the consequences of doing something or the effects it has on us and on other people. It is important to think for a moment when you undertake anything, after all this is exactly how many of the super companies have come to be ie. Apple, McDonalds, Chevron etc.

One can also learn from the previous great thinkers of our time who have managed to single-handedly change the way of thinking of the masses. It is not required for us to follow in the same path but at least we can take a leaf out of history and apply some of it to our daily lives. One of the most significant trait they all had in order to succeed in their goals was the ability to think beyond their own borders. The easy way out wasn’t an option for them, they sought something different and were challenged sufficiently to literally drive them to their desired goals.

We don’t think when we are complimented with remarks such as ‘She is a good mother’, ‘He is very gentle’ or ‘She is really great at cooking cakes’. These remarks come about because we not only take pride in doing those things but also we are very passionate about it.

We can apply the same logic when searching for our dating partner on the free dating sites. If you come with a pessimistic view that the work you will will be a bit of drudgery, it will likely turn out that way. So how do you generate enough interest in the area of finding the perfect date? One tip is try to break the task down to smaller bits. I was recently watching an interview of Lionel Richie with Piers Morgan of CNN and he said something that struck a chord with me. Lionel said that simplifying the process of what people wanted to hear was at the heart of his success. We can surely apply this to our daily endeavors including our search for that ideal date!

Read the 13 part series by Dr Dato on the secrets of online dating:

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Top Web Browser Getting Used for Free Internet Dating Sites…Close Race

Monday, March 26th, 2012

You may have read a lot about people saying that the “web is dead” as more and more online singles are clambering to their smartphones to look for their potential date on free internet dating sites, but the situation is not that bad for the web as people like to think.

Top Web Browser Getting Used for Free Internet Dating Sites…Close Race

Top Web Browser Getting Used for Free Internet Dating Sites…Close Race

JumpTrends – Research and Infographics from sampled the data from the calendar year 2011. The data shows that 34% of folks use Firefox while looking for a dating partner on free internet dating sites as compared to 32% using the Internet Explorer. The new and fastest (claimed by Google) web browser Chrome now share 15% of the traffic coming to whereas Apple’s safari web browser has a 7% share.

Free internet dating sites, Jumpdates gets 10% of its visits from the web browsers on smartphones that include Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, LG and other mobile devices.

There is no question that we have seen a steep rise in mobile traffic to free internet dating sites in the past six month but saying that the “web is dying” would be an exaggerated claim for now and these stats prove that the web still has a lot of fire power.

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Singles Breakup on Weekend - Connect with Free Internet Dating Sites

Monday, March 19th, 2012

There are more real dates on weekend than on weekdays as singles get wind down to relax and spend more time to prepare for the date to get everything right. JumpTrends – Research and Demographic from found real traffic trends on free internet dating sites.

Onlien singles visit jumpdates on all day

Onlien singles visit jumpdates on all day

These real dates on weekends, unfortunately end up in break ups. This show a good impact on Jumpdates member login and traffic trends during the weekdays. Monday especially looks to be the top day for online singles to search for dating partners on free internet dating sites.

As the stat speaks, Monday shows a 7% increase in overall traffic compared to other days of the week. This trend continues for the entire period which shows that online singles are trying hard to locate dating partners on free internet dating sites. Come weekend, when online singles meet other singles and spend time on their real date the overall traffic becomes flat and at times takes a dip. Weekend on free internet dating sites also is less busy with online singles do a lot of window shopping and avoid the singles connection. The online behavior seems to follow the traditional behavior of dating which has remained unchanged for many years.

Study reveals clear patterns as the weekends are the most productive days on free internet dating sites which breaks the myth that weekend is the best time to login onto free internet dating sites. Keep visiting dating blog to read real and factual demographics.

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