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New Jumpdates reward - Unique points system in the Online Dating Market

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

If you become stagnant you will not reach the destination in your life. The innovative mantra applies to every corner of you life even to your dating life. Visit the wonderfully written article about how dating sites have been innovating over the years to create more and more dates and ultimately creating successful long term relationships.

New Jumpdates reward - Unique points system in the Online Dating Market

New Jumpdates reward - Unique points system in the Online Dating Market

Jumpdates – 100% free dating site has always been in the fore front when is comes to creating and implementing easy to use, user-friendly features to make it exceptionally easy for online singles to find date ready online singles with ease.

Keeping this tradition going Jumpdates has launched a new first of its kind JD reward points system on June 1st, 2012 to make online dating more competitive and yet rewarding to active users of Jumpdates. The new JD reward system is so exiting and useful for singles that completely fulfill members profile and get active on Jumpdates like sending and reading messages, commenting on Jumpdates dating articles, joining the hot discussion topics on Jumpdates dating forum and sharing profiles on social networking platforms to name just a few.

There are plenty of other areas where you can earn JD rewards but, for that you need to be active on different areas of Jumpdates. Active members will automatically get more rewards in terms of better visibility and a greater number of responses. Comment on this article and tell us what you think of our new JD reward system.

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Online Gaming or Free Online Dating Sites – Compete! The Game is On

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The success of free online dating sites is known to all today, as it is the best place to find your dating partner. There are millions of profiles available online which guarantee that if you follow the tips of how to create an online dating profile you will find your match.

But, there is competition from outside the domain from online gaming. Yes, you got it right – A recent infographics revealed by shows that the success of meeting someone likely for a date is more on an online gaming sites rather than free online dating sites.

At Jumpdates we think that this is very common and nothing to worry about as love can happen anytime and anywhere. The online gaming industry has over 217 million active users worldwide. There are no surprises that online singles sharing the same interest will come closer given a common platform. Why does the online gaming bring like-minded singles together and create this dating opportunity.

However, the question is how suitable and effective are these bearing in mind that free online dating sites are being designed with the primary intention of dating. For example, on online gaming site a single will have their own avatar and they won’t have all the details which is useful when you look for a new dating prospect apart from the about me section. You also do not know whether someone there is really available for dating, Just being single does not mean that they are available and you may not know their sexual orientation. These kinds of infographics can certainly give some food for thought but, you cannot deny the fact the popularity of online dating and to overcome their strengths by other domains such as the online gaming would pose a real challenge from the primary goals. The same can be said when we compare social sites and free dating sites in the domain sphere and expertise of online dating for singles.

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Post Valentine Day - Singles Rush to Free Online Dating Sites

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is a day of love when you express your love to someone special in your life, cherish the moment and make future plans to cherish your long term relationship. Unfortunately, for many this day can also turn out to be when couples break up.



JumpTrends – Research and Demographic from Jumpdates did a research on what impact these break ups have on traffic trends on free online dating sites, JumpTrends found that online singles start looking for their Valentine’s Day on free online dating sites from the 1st of February as the visits to the has gone up by as much as 15% for the first week and then continues to be the same in the 2nd week of February 2012. The traffic on free online dating sites were at its normal flow during 12th Feb. to 15th Feb. 2012 which shows that singles were enjoying their time with their dating partner. And very near to the dates on 14th Feb 2012, traffic flows were slightly below average.

Traffic flow touched its new height as it went up by 18% after 16th Feb 2012 which indicates that young singles faced break ups and were searching for dating partners on free online dating sites. This continues for the entire week following Valentine’s Day.

These stats certainly show that online singles start getting ready long before the Valentine’s Day and don’t get bogged down even after facing breakup and start looking all over again for their dating partners in free online dating sites.

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Free Dating Sites – A Click Away

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

What’s the fuss with free dating sites these days? Everyone seems to be talking about it but some people are very skeptical about the whole affair. This got me thinking…

Pretty much today in our modern capitalistic society and what is considered the land of plenty, everything seems to come with a price. Why would free dating sites want to offer a service for free especially in a money driven society such as ours?

In the good old days when we did not sit in front of TVs all day long and we spent much of our time with other people. We supported each other in times of need both financially and mentally and everyone felt a strong kinship in behaving that way. We all propped each other up and supported everyone in our endeavors. Whereas today everyone seems to become an independent unit all by itself and the need for other people diminishes and hence the dependency. There are few amongst us who lean away from this materialistic outlook in life and look at other people and the plight of people first before money. One should be thankful to all those hard working individuals and thinkers who go out of their way to provide you with something free just like free dating sites.

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There is absolutely nothing in you signing up to any of these free dating sites and don’t expect something less or inferior to a paid dating site just because it’s free. These people are not driven by money alone but the ambition to provide a service that will appeal to many while at the same time seeking growth and taking care of essential business costs. The service maybe just as good as the paid dating sites because these crops of people may and usually do come from highly technological backgrounds empowering them with the ability to build something unique on the internet.

Those days when famous brands sprouted from humble backdoor garages are still abound and not quite forgotten. Brand names such as Apple, HP, and Microsoft are just to name a few and who have all had their humble beginnings with an idea and a strong vision. Before you sign up to one of the big paid dating sites remember also the free dating sites as they are just a click away.

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Still Using Robots to Find Dates…Is it the Only Way?

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Do you wait for free online dating sites to send you the best matches and then you go about contacting them for a date? There is nothing wrong in doing this, but this shows that you are not so keen in finding your dating partner and would rather have a robotic match that only matches you by age, location and a few other interests.

Still Using Robots to Find Dates...Is it the Only Way

Still Using Robots to Find Dates...Is it the Only Way

Top dating sites like eHarmony, and a few others charge online singles for their dating profile as they work on a complex matching system, however leading free online dating sites like PlentyOfFish (pof), Datehookup, Jumpdates and others give online singles the power to choose their dating partner according to their own individual needs.

This is not to discourage you from joining any paid dating sites, but robotic matches has its limitation and you should be aware of this. It will only perform for you what it was programmed to do based on a few rules of matching criteria found in the profiles. Just to give you an example, there may be a profile that you come across that doesn’t fit the normal criteria that you have stated in your profile, in which case the matching robot would have missed that profile altogether. This is why it is very important for you to do some of the searching yourself and decide what criteria work best for you.

Free online dating sites provides you with these kind of choices and their searching features help you to set the kind of match you are looking and give you the flexibility and scope to widen your search for pinpointing that ideal partner you are looking for.

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