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Using search engines to locate good free dating sites - Part 8 - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Article Subject: 8. Searching is the key to great things

Dr. Dato’s Brief:

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Previously we did a simple search for a keyword and submitted this to Google and saw some of the ‘useful’ tricks that Google has up it’s sleeves. If you are more alert to the way Google operates on the keywords and phrases you type into the search engine box, it will make you a better searcher than most.

Since we are trying to locate the best free dating sites that meet your needs, why not simply type ‘free dating sites’ into the search engine and see what is returned? Naturally one can do this but there is more information to be gleaned from just a few keywords and also the information that is returned in the search engine results page (SERPs).

If you typed those keywords into Google search engine, you will get a returned result sets that maybe different to what I would get. This is because google has several data centers that has algorithms that are not consistently in sync with each other. This is not to say that the results of each will be bad or worse from each other, it just means that their algorithms on the search engines change all the time to keep up with the rapid changes of the web. If this were not the case, then you are likely to see websites that have an outage or websites that have their domain dropped and not the most current information.

This is more so in the area of news, where it changes very rapidly, however, in free dating sites, you can assume that a majority of the sites are not doing anything meteoric in the space of a few minutes.

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the world wide web is an interconnection of many websites and google has to be aware of it all

the world wide web is an interconnection of many websites and google has to be aware of it all

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