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Richard Dawkins absurd desecration of the word Love - An Opinion

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Love is an interesting concept and here Richard Dawkins attempts to put a scientific meaning behind it but simply fails.

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Economics of love – Are you with right partner?

Friday, April 12th, 2013

The words ‘economics of love’ raises lots of eyebrows of those who believe that love is unconditional and those who seek benefit from love is the not right person to live with. It is right but, being in love is different then spending life with a loved one. Again, this is contradiction that many believe.

To understand this better, let’s check out the cycle of relationships and the role of human emotions

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Attraction Phase
We use the word “Falling” in love because the looks and charm of someone can sweep you off your feet and you get attracted towards that person unconditionally. It is a situation hard to control by both men and women and ones logical decision making takes a hit.

Idealize Positives
This is the key phase of any relationship and generates enough power to get through new phases. In this phase lovers get attracted toward and in every trait and most of the time they see all good things. Lovers also compare their lover with someone they often visualize in their dreams.

This is the most thought phase but at the same time can be the most result oriented phase. In this phase couples come closer to each other and start going out and realizing their dreams of being together, however for some it creates space issues. They start to realize that they are not getting enough time for themselves or it’s not about me anymore and it is about “WE” where they may have difficulty in handling.

Suddenly they start asking questions such as “am I with the right person?” This is where economics of love play an important role. Here, everyone has to choose from either choosing the right person to love or loving the very person they found.

Choosing the right person for love is difficult as there is no perfect lover and even if you find one and go with the rule of choosing the right person there is every possibility that you won’t like his or her smile or the kind of friends he or she keeps. That is why love can be termed as “falling” in love and you need to take a “decision” in being love that makes you an economist of your romantic relationship that is going to pay you high dividends in years to come.

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How new born revive your love life and relationship

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Call her the princess or the king of your universe. This bundle of joy changes the perception of the couple the moment he/she is delivered into this world like a little rat with all mucus and slime around. The feeling of elation and the emotion at that moment is to be experienced as no words can express that. The world comes to a standstill, the brain goes numb and the heart pounds out of the rib cage, literally. This emotion, feeling, state of mind can be compared to falling of love or being proposed but 1000 times over!

Expectant parents spend months together preparing for the baby’s arrival. The happiness cannot be contained on either of the parent’s faces when they come to know that they are going to become three people from two. The couple starts caring much more for each other and plans what they can give best to the child. The life starts revolving around the new guest who will be an integral part of their very being.

How new born revive your love life and relationship

How new born revive your love life and relationship

After nine months of waiting, the arrival of the new born enriches the life and the couple experiences a new kind of love that is not thought to be possible. Finding the right person has become easier through the online dating sites. Dating regular builds the relationship and understanding. Romance brings both of you together and the baby is a true sign of your love. The elated parents can’t keep their eyes off each other and wish that parents got another set of eyes to keep on their new baby too!

Beware all is not as rosy as the child requires more attention and keeps you awake at night. This may become stressful for both parents and may be a bone of contention. Keep in mind that is your spouse/partner and your child so don’t let this teething trouble ruin the beautiful relationship. Don’t let the routine, less spontaneous lifestyle affect your relationship. Focus on the closeness and bonding that this new born has revived thereby adding more meaning to your relationship.

With so many emotions acting together, the relationship gets renewed and revived. Babies are small, fragile, and helpless but they have such a powerful impact that the couple gets transformed into parents. The baby brings the couple together, even more closely and changes the nature of friendship and understanding too.

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Male and Female Behavior as per Stage of Relationship

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Relationships are a highly complex phenomenon. Each brain reacts differently to every situation. The male and female brain activity changes according to the stage of the relationship they are in. The medial prefrontal cortex region of the brain plays a major role in romantic decision making by making judgments about physical attraction or the person is Ms or Mr. Right. Each person goes through different stages in a relationship that begin with dating as teenagers, adult dating, courtship, marriage and in some cases divorce and single parent. At every stage the male and female behavior gets altered depending on the brain activity.

Male and Female behavior as per stage of relationship

Male and Female behavior as per stage of relationship

Teenage Dating and romance: Teenage is the weirdest stage in a person’s life. You like to prove to the world that you know all but you are most confused about everything. Puberty just kicks in changing the hormonal balance and gives one the intoxicating feeling of first love or first crush. The brain structure and chemicals affect the way a teenager reacts to romance. The boys at this age can think of nothing except sex as the testosterones surge in the system and their interest in the physical aspect of sex is much higher. The girls do undergo hormonal changes and their focus is on the relational aspect of sex.

Falling in love is an emotion and the brain activity is like having taken a shot of cocaine. When in love, the brain releases dopamine and serotonin which gives the feeling of euphoria. Teenagers get bored as the excitement of the emotion is lost and get tempted to find a new partner for the emotional ‘high’.

Adult singles do go through this same cycle of euphoria. Being single and ready to mingle, people start looking for a more consistent relationship rather than only the ‘emotional kick’. The feeling of commitment for a long term relationship sets in as the brain starts making judgments about a long term relationship. This gives a feeling of security to both the male and the female and a happier state of mind with a fulfilling relationship. Physical attractiveness does play a major role amongst adult singles to find a partner. Once they have found a companion then behavior pattern changes as brain activity changes. Girls look for intimate bonding due to the release of oxytocin while guys hormone vasopressin increases the feeling of being her protector and being more attentive towards her. This stage can be the stage of courtship when life is most beautiful as both care more about each other and express their emotions too. During this stage in the relationship, the guy will shower his girl with gifts and she in turn will take pride in being his chosen girl and envy of most around.


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Arm Caddy for Celebrities

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Celebrities are always in the limelight and most are sought after by the general public. Though celebrities get a high being surrounded by their fans, there are moments when they need to relax and unwind. Being a celebrity becomes stressful as one has to maintain a mindset and mood that may contradict what the brain actually thinks.

Celebrities are usually on the move. Hollywood celebrities, singers, performers or sports celebrities are constantly traveling. They do travel with their spouse or partner most of the times. When compelled to travel alone, most of them choose to date a companion who is referred to as an ‘arm caddy’.

Sweet Arm Candy for Celebrities

Sweet Arm Candy for Celebrities

Celebrities hire a companion to provide companionship and comfort when they are in the limelight. The stress of a game or stage performance or the shooting outdoors takes the toll on the celebrity. When in public view they are surrounded by fans, returning to the hotel the loneliness and boredom sets in which increases stress and leads to depression. Aside from bodyguards, a companion keeps that depression away and ensures that the performance of the sportsperson or actor is not affected during the highly electrifying game or shooting the next day.

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An arm caddy is an unknown companion to the celebrity who is envied for this glam position. Most celebrities are spotted with an arm caddy these days offering a new profession for the public.

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