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Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato - He’s so fine online, but what’s he really like?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

man and woman - getting to know each other

man and woman - getting to know each other

Article Subject: He’s so fine online, but what’s he really like?

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Dr. Dato’s Brief:

This is an interesting article that talks about online dating encounter can be similar or dissimilar to dating encounters in the real world. Typically strangers who are not known through you or family or colleagues fall into the category of the ‘unknown’ and therefore you should tread carefully.

However, treading carefully may give the impression that the person cannot be trusted as pointed out by one reader who also claims that there are no differences between meeting someone online or say in a bar. Women generally don’t want to reveal their true identity in case of ‘issues’ further ahead.

The important point to this post, is that both men and women need to remain vigilant about each other until a mutual trust can be developed between the dating partners. Who is to tell if the woman is clingy or abusive or the man is just simply playing the game?

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