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India Sex Survey Findings - 2015

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

India’s Sexy Survey Dating - 2015 - follows in the footsteps of our previous popular article on India’s Sex Survey 2013. Find out the latest trends of 2015 and the changing landscape of Indian sex and dating in the year 2015.

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Marriage - why is it such a complicated thing?

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Why are there so many marriage failures today? Since 1970 marriages have declined over 50% and more people are getting married later in life. A cautionary tale or something we can learn that helps us to avoid mistakes…

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Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

There have been great heated debates on the subject of marriage especially when so marriages end up in divorce. Some are questioning the merits of marriage and wondering if new ways of legalizing couples could overcome the anguish and pain of separation. There are some who are already engaging in contractual agreements where both partners agree to a term of 3 to 5 years. After this period, they can decide whether they should continue or not.

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution

An aftereffect of this marriage crisis is that many western nations such as Germany are seeing dwindling figures in the number of births. Clearly, the choices of taking up partnerships would entail off springs but the low figures suggests that there are other effects at play here. One of them of course would be the lower number of marriages that maybe taking place between couples. However, the healthy and strong traffic levels to online dating sites also suggests that singles are eager to pair up. Perhaps the shifting trends in coupling are related to the enjoyment factors of individuals such as sex, company and with the added advantage of individual freedom.

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We all know that marriages that took place over fifty or one hundred years ago most stood the test of time. You can recall many couples who have gone through 30, 40, 50 or 60 years of marriage and many are still married today. So what happened to cause such volatility of marriage figures that we are seeing today? It may be, that we have much individual freedom of expression and desires that may not sync completely with our partner. An interesting trend that comes out of the marriage figures are that western world or when a nation expands in power and wealth, the figures for marriages look extremely disappointing. US has one of the highest number of divorces than any other place on earth.

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Tags: , a 12 year old veteran of the online dating industry shows strong growth in 2012

Thursday, April 26th, 2012, a 100% free dating site which was launched in 2001 as the early pioneers of the online dating industry has worked tirelessly in the last two years to provide a significant boost to its member base. In addition to its interesting and unique posts on its blog which attracts many new readers, Jumpdates has tripled the rate of membership signups since January 2011. a 12 year old veteran of the online dating industry shows strong growth in 2012 a 12 year old veteran of the online dating industry shows strong growth in 2012

The team behind would like to thank the many members who have joined and provided us with valuable feedback and comments. We continue to strive for greater goals and to meet the demanding needs of the modern day user who are looking for dating partners with a view to a long-term relationship and marriage.

Some of the changes implemented on the dating site include tighter new measures to prevent scammers signing up to the site. Unfortunately, some do slip through the cracks but we have our own members who police the site and inform us of any potentially suspicious profiles which we take action immediately. The online dating experience should always be a pleasure for our users and it is one of our utmost goals to see that our members truly have a good experience on our site and find their potential date.

2012 hopes to be a very good year for us where we intend to keep on the same track and boost membership growth without compromising on quality and user experience. We hope you will become a trusted member of our Jumpdates (Jump for Joy) community and find your ideal match. Please send us any comments and feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 2

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012


What are the gender differences in the thinking behind this new modern world we live in especially in the areas of dating, relationships and marriage. We know that women are just as capable as men to take on high-flying jobs and to excel in it if they so wish. There are some truths when a high caliber woman chooses to date a younger man and this can happen often. However, if money and power are the primary requirements to acquiring a potential mate then one could say that it goes against the grains of traditional thinking that all relationships are built on ‘love’ and not materialistic stuff. Perhaps many of us take ‘love’ for granted and nowadays with so many places to visit, dine and buy toys, the financial

Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 2

Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 2

requirements of a relationship takes more precedence. The internet and the TV is a big window to so many possibilities and opens the way to an active and materialistic life but often require much financial backing. There is a balance but that is also addressed with many offerings of zero down and no payment required till next year. If we are not too careful we at the mercy of digging a financial hole that we cannot get out of and no ‘love’ in the world can get us out of this sticky situation. When you rejoice the whole world rejoices together and when you cry, you cry alone. Maybe there is a lot to be said for a relationship built on strong finance.

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