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Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

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It is possible that as a nation expands in economic power and wealth, singles are expected to produce more and their expectations are more complex than say a tribe in a remote part of Africa. Here the tribe work together to form a union between the community where work is shared and the value of each individual becomes even more apparent. In the Western nations, everyone is held accountable to society but not to the family unit around them. It almost seems that society is vying for a bigger contribution from each individual at the cost of family unity. Each of one us is busy trying to make money and fulfill the long term objectives required by the nation to continue its path towards global expansion and power. But for what? To make a few more people at the top more powerful and hungry for more. If one has sufficient money, the reverse is true. They are now in a position to spend more time with family and ponder over matters that are more in tune with the affairs of the heart.

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

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Are singles of today looking for a brighter future with their partner or just to make sure that both can get by in society and have the ability to maintain some kind of life? What is true is that pairing up can be economical in many ways than one. For example, singles sharing the same roof can reduce their rental outgoings as well as the money that goes towards food, gas etc. It seems that pairing up can make economical sense and the other factor of companionship may come later for some depending on your financial situation. If we are to increase the birth rate of the nation as the German ministries are eager to do, then I believe we need to tackle the bigger problem of people welfare and their standing in society. We can bring all the programs to bear for helping couples to have more children but this would be all wasted if the right environment for couples are not created within the society. This would mean having a less stressful life where the nation is not pulling at individuals from all angles and encourages family unity. It also means the spread of wealth should be divided fairly and not unbalanced such as the case of western nations of today.

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Relationship Truth for Men - Giving means Dating and Sharing means Wedding

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Strange title of the article but I am sure all men would agree to this which indirectly means women will not. How funny that there are some topics on which men and women never think alike and not on the same page.

Relationship Truth for Men - Giving means Dating and Sharing means Wedding

Relationship Truth for Men - Giving means Dating and Sharing means Wedding

The relationship status can actually define how you and your partner approach each other towards materialistic things present in the world. The common disadvantage of being male is to have yourself in giving/spending mode when you are dating and girls are by default in taking mode this is how our society has been formed and running since the beginning. But, there are exceptions where it has been seen that female uses her money power to impress men.

This entire scene changes as the courtship or dating life turns to long term relationship as couples commit themselves in the bond call love. Here where the sense of responsibility gathers for both as they start sharing everything together. Now days, when we see more and more partners are earning, this sharing trend has seen a rise and will continue to be so in the future.

Comment on this article and tell us what are your thoughts are on this and what kind of relationships both genders are looking for.

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Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

Friday, May 11th, 2012

We all know that money makes the world go around and some have very little or none at all whereas others have a huge boatful. In a materialistic world such as ours, money becomes essential to afford the daily needs of life ie. sustenance, paying bills, buying the necessities of life. To what extent we are able to do this is determined by our earning power.

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

It can be a terrible burden when money becomes scarce and we are all likely to feel very demoralized and it usually ends up impacting our relationships with our loved one or partners. For most of us, we don’t need that much money but sufficient to have a somewhat comfortable life.

In recent studies it has been shown that money has been looked upon by people with intense emotions attached to it. This can make money a crucial catalyst in our daily attitude to life and how we interact with our partner and effectively forge our own destiny. The housing price increases witnessed in the US prior to the 2008 crash is a testament to people’s craving for money and the emotion they can easily attach to this. People definitely like to acquire money in any which way they can and when something moves at a large scale their original ideas of risks are diminished such is the craving for money.

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 2

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Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 1

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

I once dated a woman who found it odd that younger men were unwilling to date her and consider her as a long term dating partner or marriage. This came as a surprise to me since I always understood this rule to be of general acceptance ie. older men are more likely to date younger women than vice versa. However, it begs the question as to why this is the case and are there changing trends?



There are multitude of reasons why one gender in general tend to swing the power in their favor when it comes to dating and the marriage game. This perhaps may have to do with the evolution of men and women over time where they needed to co-exist together for survival and procreation. Men simply through their physique have extraordinary powers of strengths and agility and this will not change with time. One has to observe the Olympics to see the differential in times for speed, agility and strengths in all sports activities when comparing the two genders. This gift made men the aggressors of their own race and they were primarily hunters and protectors of their society. It seemed befitting that in the early years of man’s evolution the women would play a vital and integral part to the society by cooking, bearing children and maintaining a home.

This was the ‘organic’ growth of mankind where very few questions were raised towards the gender differences and equality did not set in until a more ‘civilized’ race was born. Although the strengths of women were well understood in society but with the advent of the industrial era skilled workers in the form of men and women changed and even created controversy over the traditional roles of women. Rightly so, women wanted equal rights in certain areas such as pay for the same job functions as men. Another apparent change that was happening due to the working women were their roles at home. Many women at that time courageously worked outside for a living as well as diligently attending to the needs of the home. This may have sparked the thinking behind many of the women’s movements in the last century.

Although one can see the changes in the gender roles both at home and at work, this was not the catalyst for the movements. It was a movement against the male dominated society where they exercised old rules based on tradition and not adapting fast enough to keep up with the changing times. This may be partly due to the ignorance of many or the desire to change or a fear of those changes. However, one cannot look at the macroscopic scale of the changes since there were perfectly contented couples and families that lived a harmonious life together. This clearly shows that the movements are always a result of a few who feel that many are ‘suppressed’ and need waking up.

Here lies another important question, “if a man and a woman are happy and living their lives in a contented manner, does anyone have a right to come into their lives and say it could be any different or better”. Who is to say that a native South American villager living deep in the hearts of the Amazon jungle will be enthralled with receiving an iPod. The point is, the constant outside influence by marketeers, sales people, bombastic tv commercials and the internet are all influencing us in many ways than one. It is up to the individual on how to assimilate this information and use it effectively and most importantly correctly and apply it to their own lives. Intelligent people will take all the information around them with a pinch of salt but keep their focus on the important things in life such as the family, future health and prospects etc.


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