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Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

The word cheating is commonly used and associated with men as its a common belief that men cheat a majority of the time with their female counterparts for sex, money, status, love, intimacy and sometimes just the thrill of it all. However, keep in mind that it takes a woman for a man to cheat, so they are just as culpable.

Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys

Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys

It ‘s a common belief that men go for external beauty as compared to females that give more priority to the internal traits such as personality. However in this fast lifestyle, financial independence women are also in this category as men who have enjoyed this dominating position for a long time.

As a result now days we see more cases of women cheat men (still less in number though). But differences is in motive behind this as both men and women have a different thinking process. So the question is why do women cheat?

The relationship expert Jen Evans says that it’s more of same reasons why men cheat but, there are differences like communication and emotional attachments. A person who is not a great communicator does not get emotionally attached to women and loose this attachment over the period of time.

Ask Men also added a few factors like boredom in bedroom, feeling ignored or sometime just don’t feel special when you are together.

Comment on this article and tell us what so you think makes women cheat.

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Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 2

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

This brings the question that many people’s happiness or content factor are largely determined by material wealth or the acquisition of money. For many men, it implies the dream car, or house and most of all the power to attract many women and be the envy of others. To some it separates the men from the boys. Could it be that our exemplary feeling of love and infatuation increases with the amount of money that we earn? Why do men go to such lengths to try and make so much money?

In previous historical times power essentially came from the conquests of vast lands or control of an entire nation or many people. Today, this power is directly attributable to the earning power of the individual which is why so many things are labelled with a figure of money. Our world has been fashioned with so many desirable that it is beyond the temptation of many not to fall for money. Our own dreams and hopes as a family or couple are centered on so much of the materialistic world that we can ultimately find ourselves that money is the avenue towards love.

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Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

Friday, May 11th, 2012

We all know that money makes the world go around and some have very little or none at all whereas others have a huge boatful. In a materialistic world such as ours, money becomes essential to afford the daily needs of life ie. sustenance, paying bills, buying the necessities of life. To what extent we are able to do this is determined by our earning power.

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

It can be a terrible burden when money becomes scarce and we are all likely to feel very demoralized and it usually ends up impacting our relationships with our loved one or partners. For most of us, we don’t need that much money but sufficient to have a somewhat comfortable life.

In recent studies it has been shown that money has been looked upon by people with intense emotions attached to it. This can make money a crucial catalyst in our daily attitude to life and how we interact with our partner and effectively forge our own destiny. The housing price increases witnessed in the US prior to the 2008 crash is a testament to people’s craving for money and the emotion they can easily attach to this. People definitely like to acquire money in any which way they can and when something moves at a large scale their original ideas of risks are diminished such is the craving for money.

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 2

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There are many kinds of people on Millions Dating sites

Monday, June 6th, 2011

While there are millions dating online, there are some single men and women that are millionaires themselves. Millionaire dating sites are the latest avenue for people looking for love combined with the luxury of plenty of money. Money and looks are what some people wish to combine in their quest for a relationship. Among the millions dating online are millionaire bachelors that are among the most sought after by some women who have pursued such men for ages, however, they have easier options when it comes to millions dating sites. You also have the millionaire divorcee among this crowd looking for a substantial relationship with a partner. Some are family oriented while others are more fond of their single hood.

Different Kind of People on Dating sites

Different Kind of People on Dating sites

Then you have the millionaire singles well settled in life other than love. You will find them on dating sites too. Many of them are multitasking and may be difficult to pursue. Another type is the millionaire entrepreneur who has tight schedules and tries to juggle time to date online. He could probably have the most desirable women come to him. Then of course there are the millionaire lovers where love and romance are top on their priority list on millions dating sites. They are ready to put in the effort to find the right partner and provide them with the best possible lifestyle. People that put a great emphasis on money or can match up to millionaires ought to give these sites a try. After all, everyone loves a bit of luxury even though it may be a distant dream.

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Making money online – example through online dating - part 34

Monday, December 27th, 2010

<<< Making money online – example through online dating - part 33

In addition to driving paid traffic to your website it touches on important elements of the other ‘facets’ of understanding that is required for successful marketing.

Some of these being, the keyword research tools that come with the service and allowing you to target specific keywords and phrases and checking for their volume of search engine traffic.

This tool is key to your SEO efforts mentioned earlier and you should be making use of this tool for evaluating the SEO keywords/phrases for competing in the organic listings section.

The Google Adwords service takes time to get your marketing campaigns to work efficiently for you and you need to spend time researching various ad formats, landing pages and working optimally for you otherwise you will be spending a great deal of money for nothing.

I once had a client who had kept their Adwords running for a while year with no optimization and spending $40,000 per year!

I can guarantee that If I was given the option to tailor their ad campaigns they would have seen multiple times increase in their ROI (return on investment).

Making money online – example through online dating - part 35 >>>

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