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6 facts in dating diary of every New York single women

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Dating in New York is an adventure. This is the most lively city in the world and one can feel the vibrancy in the air itself. Loaded with best of restaurants, swingers clubs, strip shows and a party atmosphere the year round makes dating most exciting in New York.

Whether it is sex or just dating, every single woman should be aware of New York dating facts. Find love or find good time by keeping the dating facts in mind to make dating beautifully memorable and enjoyable.

Fact 1: There are 200,000 more single women in NY than men. The psyche of the men has changed as they know another woman is desperately waiting for them round the corner. They abruptly end the date if they are not getting what they want. They are in no hurry to give a commitment either. Women are willing to compromise just to have a dating partner. Woman must keep it casual and convey to the guy she is dating that she is getting attention from other guys too and he has to be the best for her for which he has to work harder.

6 facts in dating diary of every New York single women

6 facts in dating diary of every New York single women

Fact 2: The best place to meet guys in New York is the Central Park or places where charity events are held. A few cafés on Wall Street too is a great place to find single guys. The cosmetic departments of Bloomingdale or Barneys are a great place to find single women.

Fact 3: When you are looking for a date in NY, girls do not call the guy first. Wait for his call or message and don’t jump right into bed with him.

Fact 4: Remember women outnumber men so they are kind of ‘kings’. Don’t ask him to define the relationship as he is aware of other women being available. Don’t be surprised or disturbed if he abruptly ends the relationship and walk away.

Fact 5: Don’t show that you are so desperate that you are available anytime he calls and asks you to meet him. Convey to him that you are dating others too and may not be available at his said time.

Fact 6: Even if you as single women outnumber the men in NY, don’t follow his terms and conditions. This will lower your self esteem and make you feel terrible if he still decides to walk away.

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