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Are the compatibility figures in online dating sites a myth or a fact?

Friday, April 27th, 2012

We have reported in earlier posts about the big deal that many dating sites make regarding the algorithms that they employ to find your best matches. Although, we at Jumpdates feel that these can be useful aids to some online daters to find compatible matches, we do not think that they are the ‘holy grail’ to your compatible match.

Are the compatibility figures in online dating sites a myth or a fact

Are the compatibility figures in online dating sites a myth or a fact

We have covered many posts on the innate nature of human beings when it comes to relationships, marriage, gender differences and the many unique qualities that make all of us different. In addition to the complexity of each individual, add the unique relationship of the two individuals on top of this and we end up with an exceptionally intricate ‘union’ that cannot be determined through quantitative analysis alone.

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We also know that human beings also have an innate ability to change within, so how does that ‘impact’ the relationship. Most likely, it will throw a curveball in the entire relationship in the eyes of your partner and the relationship will need adapting to. There are just too many factors for online dating sites to claim they have a perfect system with regards to compatibility, it’s just not possible.

What dating sites can work towards instead, is to promote and ‘open’ the eyes of members to greater possibilities. Provide them with the necessary tools for them to locate the partner they are looking for and let them decide what will work for them. Dating sites by all means will always provide an excellent platform to engage many singletons together to find their meaningful relationship and this will continue to grow for years to come. However, we should all be realistic to how far we can really pair up couples since this communion can only be really understood by the couples themselves.

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Travel Agent can be a Catalyst between Online Singles – This is what they say

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

My recent visit to India has made me think of this title. One of the biggest online travel company Expedia just started their operation in India and goes viral on every Indian TV channels with their TV commercials on prime time.

Travel Agent can be a Catalyst between Online Singles – This is what they say

Travel Agent can be a Catalyst between Online Singles – This is what they say

One of their TV commercial grabs my attention where a guy from USA and girl from India sharing their water boat ride and this guy tries to start a conversation with the girl by speaking on different topics. On the other side the girl starts making faces to signal that guy that she is not interested in him. But, this scene suddenly turns in to an interesting affair when guys tells that girl that he has booked his entire travel pack from Expedia and girl also says “So did I”.

This is the perfect example of how online single gets connected when they come to know that they share the slightest of similarity or common interest. This is strongest driving force that is true of most online dating sites and as a result creates millions of relationships.

Tell us your story where you get connected to online single in seconds and share the strong relationships.

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What to Wear on Your Date Night - It’s Your Confidence

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Online single are always puzzled on what to wear on their date night. What make them attractive? What outfit will give their personality a different and unique look from others? One thing is very much true is that there are possibilities that what singles wear on their dating night can enhance their personality but it is also true that it cannot change them from their true personality.



Getting well dressed up is certainly an important part of dating preparations but, the most important part is to have the confidence in your own self which many singles forget to carry on their dating night. If you are not confident, you tend to make a whole lot of mistakes like avoiding healthy discussions about who you are, what you want in life, what love means to you and what are your expectations from this relationship? Forgetting about this can lead you to avoid important eye contact if will not carry the self-believe and confidence in your dating partner.

Being nervous is not too bad and it can happen to any one. But, getting too withdrawn and not come out of your shell can also spoil the whole date night. This is where extra care should be taken and to follow your instincts. If you feel that you are not getting enough ideas to talk about try to talk something both of you have in common or some common interest. If you have been matched by online dating sites then this gives you good opportunity to discuss what the dating website found common in you.

There are never any situations that does not leave the door open that gives you an opportunity to start discussions, but you need to find that opportunity. Comment on this article and share your stories as to what you think one should do especially when one feels somewhat low on the date night.

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Who’s got the Better IQ for Online Dating Sites…Single Men or Women?

Monday, April 9th, 2012

IQ, yes you read it right but not sure got what I am trying to say… I mean to say IQ – emotional quotient. Trying your luck on online dating sites to find the perfect date can be frustrating for those who don’t follow the basics of online dating.

JumpTrends – The dating trend and infographics section on Jumpdates found that female online singles took the first step and become quickly active on different part of the online dating sites like forum and blog to effectively advertise their profile.

On the other hand male online singles would directly send an introduction message to the one they find appealing. But, the real crunch comes when they don’t get enough responses from other online singles. Here is where the real test of emotional strength which we term IQ will come into play. Most of the online singles would give up and leave or switch to other online dating sites and so the cycle can continue.

Women want men with sex in their mind and love in their heart but, men want the opposite so says Frances Cohen Praver, Ph.D. - a clinical psychologist and relational psychoanalyst and author. Women would stay a bit longer as compared to males who just don’t hesitate in switching online dating sites. While trying your luck on free dating sites be strong and have plenty of IQ.

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When can love and romance go astray on free dating sites

Monday, April 9th, 2012

We have come to accept today that finding love online is almost as easy as making a cup of coffee. Gone are the days when we would spend extravagant times to dress up and look the part when we find those rare dates with men or women we met earlier in the bar, club or school. Granted, that it is very easy to throw yourself into a romantic whirlpool when you pursue all those profiles and you find yourself dreaming and feeling good about a profile you just found.

When can love and romance go astray on free dating sites

When can love and romance go astray on free dating sites

You proceed to message that person and you heart misses a beat, your head is swimming with pictures and possibilities of what you feel with this person you only just met online. Immediately the love affair has started with this virtual person and you further convince yourself that this match between you and the profile is made in heaven.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bit of romantic escapacism with someone you meet through the online dating sites but this could be an early indication that you could be a pushover when it comes to the date. Advice given by many leading consultants that specialize in dating have always said to be level-headed when it comes to your first meeting with a date. Unfortunately the advice is easily said but how does one control the affairs of the heart. Maybe love needs to blossom from this romantic aura that captivates us in such a way that it propels you forward into the unknown.
Can one be so clinical when it comes to matters of the heart?

Maybe we should see the person for what they are before we decide to wear our hearts on our sleeve. There is good statistical evidence to support the argument that the initial ‘love infatuation’ can wear off after a few years because we actually like to be catapulted into a whirlwind of romance and let fate decide where it can lead us. After a couple of years we finally land with a thump and come to accept reality for what it is and perhaps throw ourselves back into another whirlwind romance.

Perhaps this can explain why over many centuries the Eastern way of matching a bride and bridegroom by arrangement can have its benefits.


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