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What’s Your Choice…Speed Dating Show or Online Dating?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

“Take me out” this is latest speed dating show by Perez Hilton going on air as 30 girls battling out over one man to go on date. It will have a feel of a game where men need to impress the ladies and in turn they put on the charms if they find him sexy.

What’s Your Choice…Speed Dating Show or Online Dating

What’s Your Choice…Speed Dating Show or Online Dating

In every episode they will create one date and as many as 30 ladies will join in and try their luck. This would be interesting to watch but we need to wait to find out how singles can get in to that show. But, being a speed dating show, don’t you feel it is slow in nature. There is nothing wrong in having a stab at this kind of dating, but online dating looks to be a better idea.

We all know how online dating has been helping millions of singles to find their dating partner and creating relationships. Major online dating sites do not take more than 2 minutes to join and find countless numbers of males and females to choose dates with. Some of the dating websites especially offers a Facebook plugin to register in a matter of seconds. The question is when we have these quick means to find a date then do we need speed dating shows. This show naturally has created a buzz because of it’s big name and a famous celebrity hosting the show.

Comment on your views and join the discussion of this new speed dating show hosted by Perez Hilton.

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Want to Breakup Whom You Met on Internet Dating Sites

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Breaking up with someone you met on the internet dating sites and dating for some time would be difficult, especially when that person has an emotional attachment and you do not share the same feeling anymore. It could be very painful to wear the fake mask of love and affection.

Want to Breakup Whom You Met on Internet Dating Sites

Want to Breakup Whom You Met on Internet Dating Sites

Here Jumpdates can give you best breakup advice so that parting will be less painful

1. Listen to your inner voice as why you want to breakup with someone who loves you lot. You may be feeling low in the relationship that could be just temporary and if not you must have some good reasons for the break-up. Ask yourself if something or somethings have not been communicated well between each other.

2. Now when you have decided that it’s not going to work and you have a strong reason to back up your decision ensure that you are able to communicate this effectively to your dating partner.

3. Right time and correct place are very important here, you cannot send an email, text message or give a phone call to say that you want to breakup. You can ask your partner to meet casually at a place where both of you feel comfortable and don’t have to talk over each other and can comfortably listen to what each partner has to say.

4. When you feel that all is going well and your partner is also comfortable and need time to think, don’t say no. Give you partner ample time to react.

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Breaking up your relationship with your loved one is not easy and at we also believe in creating relationships rather than breaking it. We understand that not all relationships are made in heaven and sometimes its best to just let go. Occasionally when the relationship is just not working out and doesn’t have a future it’s better to end it on a sweet note rather than through a painful turmoil.


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Nothing has really has changed in the way we date but the possibilities have increased by many folds

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Maureen is getting ready for her date and she is unsure what to wear for that evening. She decides to scrummage through her wardrobe and find the perfect outfit that will hopefully radiate with her dating partner. As she speeds her way upstairs, she receives an instant message on her latest Android cellphone. The message is from Bill and she sighs with relief as she reads on. Bill is going to be about half an hour late to their rendezvous point at Starbucks coffee…well at least he hasn’t canceled as she was so fondly looking forwards to this day.

As Maureen tries out every dress in her closet, she starts panicking since nothing seems to be working for her and time is passing by. What would he like, is this too short or too long and she kicked herself for not asking those questions during the umpteen times they had chatted on the free dating site She finally settles for a black dress which showed off her curvaceous figure but still retaining a sense of modesty. Maureen scrambles for the keys and heads to her car as she dabs some fragrance around her neck area while multitasking with the contents of her handbag. She can’t blunder this one up, she said to herself as flashes of pictures goes through her head of her previous encounter with the French guy.

There is something to be said about dating online and the methods of finding and dating hasn’t really changed that much at all. What has happened is that our choices for locating partners through online dating sites have multiplied by many folds. Granted that there is more screening to do at the initial stage but surely it’s better than say having a choice of three guys that you meet at the bar.

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Online Dating: Why Most of Us Just Won’t Do It, And Why We Should

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Be smart about the free dating sites available on the net

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The number of people connecting to the internet is growing every day and more and more people connect to the internet than ever before. With smart phones and devices that can now be had for less than $50 it has opened up endless opportunities for business and not counting the many opportunities available to singles looking for love and dates through the net.



With such a proliferation of choices available for online dating sites including the many free dating sites that are popping into the market almost on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that singles soon start scratching their heads for choices. We find that many singles leave this to chance when they search for the dating sites available on the net. Usually the top searches that are returned to the user are most likely clicked through, leaving a whole set of potentially good dating websites on the wayside.

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The dating companies that are most likely get picked are the ones with a lot of financial clout and they usually make their money by charging the users for use of their service. Don’t forget there is an entire pool of free dating sites waiting for singles like you that will offer you the service without you paying a dime.

So how does one go about being more informative of the dating sites that are available through the internet? Apart from searching for terms such as free dating sites, try a variation of these keywords such as online free dating site, singles free dating sites. You can also add your location to the results you are looking for such as free dating sites in Santa Cruz. There are a great many possibilities and a bit of creativity on your part will open up a wider door to the world of online singles and dating.

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