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Online Gaming or Free Online Dating Sites – Compete! The Game is On

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The success of free online dating sites is known to all today, as it is the best place to find your dating partner. There are millions of profiles available online which guarantee that if you follow the tips of how to create an online dating profile you will find your match.

But, there is competition from outside the domain from online gaming. Yes, you got it right – A recent infographics revealed by shows that the success of meeting someone likely for a date is more on an online gaming sites rather than free online dating sites.

At Jumpdates we think that this is very common and nothing to worry about as love can happen anytime and anywhere. The online gaming industry has over 217 million active users worldwide. There are no surprises that online singles sharing the same interest will come closer given a common platform. Why does the online gaming bring like-minded singles together and create this dating opportunity.

However, the question is how suitable and effective are these bearing in mind that free online dating sites are being designed with the primary intention of dating. For example, on online gaming site a single will have their own avatar and they won’t have all the details which is useful when you look for a new dating prospect apart from the about me section. You also do not know whether someone there is really available for dating, Just being single does not mean that they are available and you may not know their sexual orientation. These kinds of infographics can certainly give some food for thought but, you cannot deny the fact the popularity of online dating and to overcome their strengths by other domains such as the online gaming would pose a real challenge from the primary goals. The same can be said when we compare social sites and free dating sites in the domain sphere and expertise of online dating for singles.

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